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Palmtop and PDA - Help and Advice

Our site contains links and useful information about Palmtops, PDAs and smartphones. This page give an overview and points to other pages on our site.

Total PDA

PDA, standing for Personal Digital Assistant, is the abbreviation used to describe handheld computers and organisers that can be used to manage your data on the move. Originally, PDAs were for holding calendar information, names and addresses, and notes, but now they're powerful computing machines.

Probably the most well known early PDA in the UK was the Psion Organiser, back in the 80's. Now PDAs are powerful beasts, able to connect to the Internet and office networks, with built-in cameras, video and players, and a huge range of add-on software to satisfy most people's needs.

Choosing a PDA

If you're thinking about getting a PDA, there are two things you need to consider - whether you want a PDA that can connect to the Internet or not, and what Operating System to choose...


PDA Operating Systems

Here's a quick summary of what's around, and some links to other areas of our site.

o2 XDA Orbit

Windows Mobile

Microsoft's Windows Mobile operating system can be found in Pocket PC devices like the Loox, Compaq Ipaq, Dell Axim and the Packard Bell, as well as smartphones like o2's XDA Orbit or the Lobster DAB radio phone.

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Nokia 5800


The latest generation of mobile phones with gadgets such as built-in cameras, Bluetooth, Wi-fi, picture messaging and PDA functionality.

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Palm Treo 680

Palm OS

First appearing in a rather basic form on the early "Palm Pilot" handheld organisers, Palm OS is now in glorious colour on machines from Palm and Sony. See the Palm Store for details on the current range.

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Psion 5mx

The Psion range, now sadly discontinued, consisted of the Revo, Series 5 and Series 7 families. A distant relation of the early 80's Psion Organiser range

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