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Mobile Phones in the UK

Samsung Galaxy S SmartphoneThe mobile phone market is a complex one at the moment - Mobile phone technology is progressing at an impressive rate, with handsets now coming with Mobile Internet and high-res cameras as standard, with features such as video recorders, music and video players, video calling, gaming, mapping and navigation offered on newer smartphone devices.

Add to this, the choice of networks and tariffs, and it's easy to get lost. FileSaveAs contains links to some of the top mobile phone sites, as well as information on the latest mobile technologies around today.

We also link to sites offering good deals on mobile phones, and help with a range of services for UK mobile phone users.

The site pays special attention to smartphones and multimedia phones.

Free SIM cards.

o2 SIM cardYou can get your hands on up to 2 FREE O2 SIMs, each with unlimited texts when you top up just £5 a month. Get your free SIM cards at

You can also get two free T-Mobile SIM cards, with a free weekend texts offer. More details at


HTC DesireHere at FileSaveAs, we have dedicated pages of content on a number of mobile phone handsets and smartphones, including:

  • Apple's iPhone - UK information on Apple's revolutionary handsets
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab - Mobile phone / tablet device
  • Google G1 - Phone powered by the Google Operating System Android
  • Nokia N96 and Nokia N97 - Quad-band touch-screen Symbian OS smartphones
  • INQ1 Facebook - Better known as 3's Facebook Phone
  • 3 Skypephone - get free Skype calls on this 3G mobile
  • BT ToGo - Details of the free Windows smartphone offered to BT customers
  • PUMAPHONE - Sporty phone with quirky bits, cats and insults
  • SWAP Nova - Our review of the truly tiny keyring mobile phone
  • Nokia N Series - Symbian Series 60 handsets
  • o2 XDA Orbit - Quad-band wi-fi Connected Windows Mobile, with onboard GPS navigation


Listen to the FrequencyCast UK online radio show
FrequencyCast Podcast IconPODCAST FEATURE: We featured Smartphones in Show 30 of our online tech radio show.
Listen to the show online, or download it to your MP3 player.

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Mobile phone retailers:

  • Carphone Warehouse - For handsets and accessories (more)
  • MobileShop - Handset upgrades, SIM card deals, and SIM-free mobiles. Wide choice & good prices
  • T-Mobile - Their Mix-it packages have all the advantages of Pay monthly with the control of Pay as you go
  • Phones 4 U - A great range of phones and talk plans with the latest handsets, accessories and deals.
  • Dial-a-phone - The UK's No.1 direct mobile phone specialist

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