Tip for Faster Mobile Broadband

If you use a mobile broadband dongle for your laptop for 3G access on the move, here’s a handy tip worth exploring.

There are two main problems with using the 3G network for browsing – Speed and Cost. Here’s a solution to both of these problems.

OnSpeed for faster mobile broadbandOnSpeed is a clever little software solution that speeds up mobile surfing by compressing the content it downloads. This means that content will download faster, and use less of your mobile Internet download allowance.

It’s a case of installing the special PC software, then surfing as normal. No need to change providers, buy new hardware or enter into a contract.

If you surf from a laptop when you can’t get wi-fi, this is a no-brainer way of keeping the costs down and the speed up. You may find a possible tenfold speed increase, it works with existing dongles and data cards, works on 3G and GPRS, and works with all mobile networks (such as  O2, Vodafone, 3, T-mobile and Orange)

Find out more about this clever solution on our OnSpeed Review or at www.onspeed.com

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  • Sinead MacCaughey

    I am going to Murcia in Spain. I need to buy a dongle and to get broadband so i can work. What do i do ?

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