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Psion links and resources

GeneralPsion plc - Psion's main page
3lib site - Steve Litchfield's excellent site
SoftwareTuCows Software - Searchable software directory
PDATopSoft - Software for all PDAs, including Psions
Chat FileSaveAs Psion forum - One of the few remaining Psion forums

Information PsiWin 2.x - Useful information on PsiWin, including registry info on making 2.3.3 work with the Series 3
Data Conversion - Article on getting data from machine to machine
PsiWin Explored - Help on using PsiWin
Psion programmers - List of Online Programmers
BoomerangIt - Register or trace lost/stolen Psions
Symbian OS info - Details of Symbian OS devices
Buying Pricerunner and Kelkoo - Online price comparison sites - occasionally able to help with Psion hardware. - Bid for new or used Psion machines and accessories, and sell unwanted Psion stuff

Partmaster- Spare styli, cases, CF cards, leads and batteries can all be found on the Partmaster site for to-the-door delivery. Also recommended for accessories, is

Amazon - Recommended for online purchases of Psion hardware, software, accessories and books

Budget Batteries - For Psion backup batteries, or tracking down an obscure battery.

Also: Psion FAQ for details of buying machines and accessories, and our Memory Card page for CF cards
Recommended D & G Upgrades - Memory upgrades - 16MB Revo, 32MB Revo Plus/5mx.
POS - Psion repairs and reconditioned machines.
Organiser II - For a stroll down memory lane
Psion software and accessories from Amazon
TechnicalGetting inside a Series 3a - David MacKay's guide to fixing a Series 3a
Psion Autopsy - Inner workings of Psion machines from the PDA graveyard
GPS information - Help with GPS navigation and the Psion
ToolsPsion Websearch - Great Psion search engine

More Psion links at Palmtop Magazine's On The Net page.


Software to check out:

City Maps
  • BankPlusBankPlus. Keep your finances in order with this small and easy-to-use bank account management program. It runs on just about all Psion machines from today's Revo and 5mx, back to the Psion Series 3. Keep your accounts and credit cards in order with features including graphs, categories, standing orders and reports.
  • PhoneMan - manage your mobile phone SMS text messages and SIM address book from your Psion via infrared. Great with O2's free text message package.
  • Compact - It's amazing how much space this free app can reclaim by compressing files.
  • Sketch for Revo - Replace the missing Revo app for free. (See also 'Sketch in time' for details of getting the most from Sketch)
  • Psion WAP browser - View Wap sites from your 5mx or Revo. Works with O2's WAP service
  • PDF+ - Read PDF files from your machine
  • More Software and accessories from Amazon

Psion books and accessories:

Symbian book


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