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Psion - Organisers and Palmtops

Information and support for the ground-breaking Psion range of handheld organisers

Psion 5MXThe name Psion will forever be associated with organisers and handheld PDAs. The Psion range started with the launch of the Organiser I in 1984, up to the Revo Plus, Series 5mx and the Series 7 / netBook. Even though Psion withdrew from the PDA market in 2002, their products are still incredibly popular, and continue to have a huge userbase.

These pages includes a summary of the range of Psion machines, links to useful Psion sites and answers to frequently-asked questions.

We're proud to be one of the few remaining websites to be offering information and support for Psion users in the 21st century.

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The Psion Range

Revo, Revo Plus
Click for larger Revo
Memory: 8MB (Revo), 16MB (Revo Plus)
Screen: 480 x 160 pixels
Variants: Diamond Mako
See our FAQ
Series 5mx
Click for larger 5mx
Memory: 16MB
Screen: 640 x 240 pixels
Variants: Psion 5mx Pro , Ericsson Mc218
Availability: See our FAQ
Series 7, netBook
Click for larger Series 7
Memory: 16MB (Series 7), 32MB (netBook).
Screen: 640 x 480 pixels. Colour
See our FAQ
Series 5
Click for larger 5
Memory: 4MB or 8MB
Screen: 640 x 240 pixels
Click for larger Siena
Memory: 512K or 1MB
Screen: 240 x 160 pixels
Series 3a, 3c, 3mx
Click for larger 3mx
Memory: 128K, 256K, 512K, 1MB or 2MB
Screen: 480 x 160 pixels
Series 3
Click for larger Series3
Memory: 128K or 256K
Screen: 240 x 80 pixels
Organiser II
Click for larger Organiser II
Memory: 8K, 16K, 32K or 64K
Screen: 480 x 160 pixels
Variants: CM, XP, LZ
Recommended site: Organiser II

What Happened to Psion?

Psion stopped production of consumer PDAs in 2002. Psion still produces a range of industrial devices, under the Psion Teklogix brand.

The last Psion consumer devices, the 5mx, Series 7 and Revo shipped with the ER5 EPOC Operating System, from Symbian. Many of the newer smartphones released after Psion stopped producing handhelds includes later versions of this operating system, now known as Symbian OS.

Smartphones powered by Symbian included the Nokia 9210 , Nokia 6600 and the SonyEricsson P910, with newer handsets such as the Nokia N97 and Nokia 5800 still being powered by Symbian software.


How we can help?

The FileSaveAs site contains a host of pages offering information and help for users of Psion and Symbian OS devices, including details of how to connect to the Internet, getting a virtual Psion on your PC, recommended Psion software and details of other Symbian OS devices.

We are also one of the few remaining sites operating a Psion discussion forum. Here are some links to our content:

  • Psion Forum - Ask for help and advice in one of the few remaining Psion discussion boards in the world
  • Psion FAQ - Got a Psion question? Check here first
  • Psion Connected - How to connect your Psion to the Internet
  • Psion Links - Handy places on the net


Asus Eee PC picWant a Psion replacement? Consider the Asus Eee range. Pictured here is the Eee PC 701 - It's a little bigger than a Psion 5mx, and half the size of an average laptop. It has wi-fi, 3 USB ports, and is pretty powerful. There are ASUS models that run Windows 7, Windows XP, Linux and Google Android

More on our Asus Eee PC Page

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