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Palm OS - Setting up for WAP

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If you have a Palm OS PDA such as a
Palm, Clie or Visor, you can surf WAP content using a browser. This gives you the advantage of a larger screen. With a browser and a mobile phone with infrared, you should be able to configure the browser to access whatever WAP sites you wish.

To set up Wap on a Palm device, you'll need to have the details of a WAP access provider - this will most commonly be your mobile phone company, but could also be your Internet Provider. Wap Access Providers make use of a 'gateway', and you'll need their gateway address, username and password to connect with WAP.

On this page, we're using the UK operator o2 (as they provide an inclusive GPRS WAP allowance if you use them for your mobile phone service). For more on WAP, and WAP settings for other UK operators, see our dedicated WAP page

WAP on a Palm
AU Systems browser on a Palm V
Palm WAP screenshot
WAPMan on a Tungsten E
  • 4thpass browser - If you're running Palm OS 3.1 or less, the kBrowser Palm Edition appears to be the best option. Download this from, searching for the words "Palm WAP".
  • WAPman Edge browser for Palm OS- Hard to track this browser down, but if you can, it's worth a look - Try a search for the word "WAP"at Tucows.
  • AU Systems browser - For Palm devices. This no longer appears to be available from AU Systems as a free download, however, a version is available online from Cellular online
  • WapUniverse - Another popular WAP browser,priced at $20

To get hold of a WAP browser for your Palm, take a look at the selection on the Cellular online site, or search for "WAP" on the Tucows site

Setting up O2 WAP on a Palm or Treo

This section outlines how to get dial-up WAP access with UK network operator O2 online. To get WAP access, you need the following:

  1. An O2 online SIM card (which gives you free text messages and an inclusive GPRS WAP allowance)
  2. A mobile phone with a modem (such as a Nokia 6600), or a smartphone.
  3. A Palm OS browser (see above)

Set up your Internet connection

  1. From the main menu, go to "Prefs", and select "Network".
  2. You'll need to create a new service for o2, so press the "New" button.
  3. Add the following details:
    • Service: o2
    • Username: o2wap
    • Password: password
  4. Tap on the Connection option, and select "Edit Connections..."
  5. We now need to set up the modem connection... Press the "New button"
    • Name: IR mobile
    • Connect to: Modem
    • Via: Infrared
  6. Press "OK" to save the setting, then at the "Available connections" screen, make sure "IR mobile" is selected, and press "Done"
  7. A new field, "Phone" will appear. Add o2's dialup number of +447712 927927
  8. Press "Done" to save the settings

Setting up the modem

Set up your WAP browser

There'll be some settings you'll need to add to your WAP browser, including the all-important WAP gateway address. Each browser is different, but the table below should contain all the settings you'll need, regardless of which app you use.
O2 Wap / Mobile internet settings:
Dialup access number:+447712 927927
Gateway (IP) address:
Username: o2wap
Password: password
Session type: Continuous / permanent

Port number: 9201
WAPMan setup
o2 on WAPMan
Network settings
Settings in Prefs | Network

Problems connecting?

  • When communicating with an infrared mobile phone, ensure that the phone's Infrared is switched on, and ensure distance of between 5 - 15cm (too close may swamp the IR eye).
  • Ensure that your Network operator (e.g. o2, Orange, Vodafone) has 'data-enabled' your SIM card. If not, call their Customer Service people.
  • If you can connect, but can't browse content, it could be that your SIM is not data-enabled, or that you're trying to browse content that your tariff/connection doesn't allow - such as browsing web pages via a WAP dial-up, or using an MMS APN (GPRS) to view WAP content. Check that you have the right settings for the service you're trying to access, and that your Network Operator has enabled the service you're trying to connect using.

  • If you use a Palm III and want to use an infrared modem, you need the Enhanced Infrared update.
  • For more details on WAP on a Palm device, see the Wireless Palm FAQ

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