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Psion - Get online with a Psion Device

This page offers help and advice for those trying to connect a Psion device to the Internet. On this page, we'll try to give you some guidance on how to set up a Psion for Internet connection.

This is aimed at people with some basic technical knowledge. If you're after a more chatty, beginners guide on what's possible, which explains some of the basics, see our Connecting a Psion article.

What can you do online with a Psion?

With a Psion machine such as a Series 5mx, Revo, Revo Plus, Series 7 or the Diamond Mako, you can do the following:

  • Surf the web
  • Access your email - Either with the Email application, or via the web (Hotmail, AOL, etc.)
  • Access WAP sites (the Mobile Internet)

There's a more chatty look at what you can do in our Connecting a Psion article.

Getting started

If you're planning to get online with a Psion (such as a Series 5mx, Revo, Revo Plus, Series 7 or the Diamond Mako), then there are three things you'll need:

A Psion machine with the appropriate software

  • Email software is built-in
  • The Symbian Web browser is supplied for free on the PsiWin CD. The more powerful Opera browser is available free with some machines, or for online purchase
  • The Wap browser is supplied free with the Revo Plus
A modem, connected to a phone line

There are three types:

  • An external desktop modem (that can be plugged into the serial port of a 5mx - Not suitable for the Revo)
  • The Psion Infrared travel modem.
  • A mobile phone with a built-in modem and infrared (such as the Nokia 6600). Note that using a mobile will give you a slower connection speed that the other two options, but has the advantage of being wireless
An Internet Service Provider Access to the Internet is provided by an Internet Service Provider (ISP). If you already have a home email account, and dialup to collect your email, you probably have everything you need - you'll just need a copy of the settings that your PC uses to connect


Getting an Internet account

To connect, you'll need to have an account with an Internet provider. You may wish to use your existing Internet account, or apply for a free account that can be used with your device. On this page, we're assuming you want a new account.

If you're in the UK, and are looking for an ISP (Internet Service Provider) that works well with a Psion Series 5mx, Revo, Revo Plus, Series 7 or the Nokia 9210 or Diamond Mako, try:

  • BT Yahoo - We recommend BT Yahoo's pay-as-you-go account for email and web access. There's no subscription fee and you only pay for the time you're online (details).


Setting up BT Yahoo on a Psion Revo / Series 5mx

Below is a step-by-step guide for setting up using BT Yahoo.

If you're not a BT Yahoo / BTopenworld customer, sign up free-of-charge for a BT Yahoo pay-as-you go account. There's no subscription fee, and you only pay standard rates for the time you're online. Recommended for on-the-move access to your email.

First, go to from a PC, and create an account. You'll then get some details that you'll need to set up your account on the Psion.

Setting up Control panel

First, set up the connection. Go to the System Control panel and select "Internet". Select "New" to create a new account, and choose "Based upon: standard settings". You'll be presented with a box with five tabs. You only need to worry about the first two. Enter the settings as below (substituting your own email address in the username field), and then press "Done".

Settings in Control panel | Internet - Tab 1
Control panel tab 1
Settings in Control panel | Internet - Tab 2
Control panel Tab 2

In the System Control panel there are another two applets that need a quick check:

  • Modems - You'll need to set up your modem. With luck, you can just use one of the built-in options, such as "Infrared mobile phone", but if not, see below for common modem settings, and further help.
  • Dialling - Settings shouldn't need changing here, but if you need to add a "9" for dialled-out numbers, this is where you do it.

Setting up email

If you want to read and send email on your machine, you'll need to set up an email account in the Email application. Start up the Email application and from the Tools menu, select "Add new account" and "Email". Enter the information on the each of the three tabs, as below:

BT Yahoo Email 1

BT Yahoo Email 2

BT Yahoo Email 3

Once done, select "Open mailbox" from the Email application, and your emails should be downloaded.

Setting up Web

You'll be glad to hear that there are no specific settings you'll normally need to enter into your web browser. Once you open the browser, type in a web address, and the browser will dial using the settings defined in the Control panel, and start downloading the page



Problem finding

If you're having a problem getting online with your Psion, it's almost certainly one of the following things, and you have to work though some logical steps to work out which one is the problem:

Your hardware setup - When you try to connect, does it sound/look like your modem is trying to make a connection?

  • If you're connecting via a mobile phone - look at the mobile screen ... is it trying to dial?
  • Listen to your modem (or listen in on the phone line). Is the modem trying to make a connection? Can you hear 'clicks' or that lovely connection noise with beeps and whistles?

Check out our notes on troubleshooting your hardware setup

Your connection settings - If it looks like you're connecting to the other end, but nothing's happening

Check out our notes on troubleshooting your connection settings



Troubleshooting your connection settings

If you find that, when you try to make a connection, the modem appears to be working and connecting, but either the call is disconnected quickly, or you see an error about a settings or password problem.

Connection settings are most likely related to a problem with your logon name, password or service provider settings. It's important to note that it only takes one tiny mistake when entering your ISP settings to cause a problem. Double-check, then triple-check that you have the right password and username. Don't be afraid to call your ISP's helpdesk if you're unsure.

Setting your connection to ‘Manual login' (Control panel | Internet | Edit | Account) can help, as this can prove that your logon details are incorrect.

Typical logon pitfalls include:

  • Sometimes usernames are in the form of a name, like johnsmith , other times these are an email address, like BT and Tiscali use an email address as the username.
  • In some cases you may find that there's a difference between logon passwords/usernames and email passwords/usernames. Don't get the two confused
  • It could be that your Internet account details doesn't support dial-up, or your account needs a specific dialup number
  • Some Internet providers make use of your Caller Display (CLI) information to verify you. Make sure you're not withholding your phone number. You can prefix the phone number with 1470 (for the UK) which ensures your caller ID is always sent when dialling.

If you can log on, but are having a problem with email, read the following:

  • If it's a problem collecting your email... go to a PC and visit - this site lets you check your email using your POP3 address, email username and password... a handy way of checking if your email account can actually be accessed remotely, and that you're using a valid username and password
  • If you can receive email, but not send email, then it's probably an SMTP problem. See below

Still having problems? Some other things to try:

  • Try using a different account. BT and Tiscali both offer free dialup accounts on a Pay-as-you-go basis. See our dialup page for some options
  • Try creating a diagnostic log to see where in the process the logon fails
  • See our Connecting page - this isn't a Psion-specific page, but it does contain a few other options to try.

If you're still having problems, and you've tried the other suggestions on this page, add a post to our Psion forum with details of the settings you're using, the step in the log that the problem occurs, and as much other information as you can, and with luck, someone will be able to help.

Troubleshooting your hardware connection

If it looks like your Psion isn't getting the modem to 'wake up' or dial the phone number, this could be a problem with the way you're physically connecting to your modem, or the settings you're using to communicate between the Psion and the modem.

First off, check your modem setup. The default options should be enough to get you connected, but if not, go to the System screen, select ‘Control panel', then edit your modem settings. You could try to reduce your connection speed (baud rate) down by a couple of settings to see if that improves things.

The other settings worth looking at can be found under the Modem ‘Advanced' tab. Modems should work fine with the standard settings, but a little experimentation with the ‘Flow control', ‘Terminal detect' and ‘Carrier detect' can often resolve the problems. See our notes on specific modems below

If your modem settings look correct, here are some specific things to look at:

General things
  • PC link turned off? Ensure you have your remote link switched off ([Ctrl]+[L] from the System screen)
  • Modem working? Check whether your modem is able to dial out correctly. Set up the "standard dial up" phone number (Control panel > Internet) to your home or mobile number, then get the modem to dial - this will help to work out if your modem's able to connect to a phone line and make an outgoing call.and find out whether the modem can dial out

  • Reset your Psion: It's always worth trying a reset of your Psion machine. It could be that the telephony software, Infrared or serial port is 'locked'. A reset can clear problems like this.
  • Other software? Any chance you've installed any software that might be conflicting with the serial port? Uninstall anything you may have installed that talks to the serial port (printer software, PC connectivity software, etc)

  • Phone line working? Are you sure that you're connected to a working phone line? If connecting from an office, make sure you're dialling a '9' to get an outside line

Connecting via a mobile phone
  • Infrared - When communicating with an infrared mobile phone, ensure that the phone's Infrared port is switched on.
  • Data-enabled - Ensure that your Network operator (e.g. o2, Orange, Vodafone) has 'data-enabled' your SIM card. If not, call their Customer Service people.
  • Using a Psion 5mx? Make sure you've got the Psion Mobile Connectivity Update 1.1 patch installed, as this resolves a number of issues. This update is available from Psion's download site or from Mike McConnell's site.
Desktop modem If you're using a PC modem, note that you'll need a null-modem adapter. Also, check that the lead you're connecting with isn't faulty, or loose.
Using infrared If you're using Infrared to connect between Psion and a modem, ensure a distance of between 5 - 15cm (too close may swamp the IR eye).

Still having problems? Try creating a diagnostic log. Then, add a post to our Psion forum with details of the settings you're using, the step in the log that the problem occurs, and as much other information as you can, and with luck, someone will be able to help.


Other problems

Occasional disconnections
  • First, try a slower connection speed (baud rate) as you could be ‘talking' too fast for the network to keep up. Drop your speed from 57600bps down to something lower. It could also be that there is congestion on the ‘Net or at your ISP.
  • If using a modem when connecting at home, it could be that a ‘Call Waiting' notification is disrupting your call
  • Could it be that someone has picked up an extension phone, breaking your connection.
  • Mobile phone: If you are using a mobile phone with infrared, maybe you are in an area of poor coverage - data calls are less tolerant of bad signal than voice calls.
  • Infrared: Also check that nothing is blocking the infrared path. An optimum distance is around 10cm.
Problems sending emails

If you can receive, but not send emails, it is likely to be one of two things:

  • If you get an error such as "Problem sending message", you may be trying to send a message to one ISP's mailbox while connected to a different ISP. To prevent spamming, most ISPs require you to connect to their service (not someone else's) in order to send an email via their SMTP server. For instance, don't be surprised if you find that can't send mail from your BT Yahoo account (using the server address if you've logged on to Virgin Media.
  • Your ISP is looking for CLI (Caller Line Identification), and it is not being sent - Some Internet Service Providers (such as Wanadoo) use CLI to identify users. If this is disabled, you can get around this by adding 1470, in front of the telephone number in Control panel | Internet | Edit | Service.
GPRS on a Psion?

If you're looking to connect using GPRS (faster than dial-up) on a Psion Revo, 5mx or Series 7 device, try the following links:

Broadband / ADSL / Cable email Q. I have a Broadband Advice/cable account (e.g Virgin Media), so can't use my Psion to collect my POP mail. Is there a workaround?
A. Many broadband/cable suppliers offer dialup access too. Check with your supplier. Failing that, provided the supplier use POP3 email (as opposed to webmail), then you should be able to access your mail through another provider.
Get yourself a free account with BT Yahoo and try to access your provider's POP server. Note that sending mail from via your supplier's SMTP server probably won't work, so you may need to use BT Yahoo's SMTP address.
Alternatively, consider connecting with your Psion via your PC's broadband connection... see the links below.
  • We offer some general connectivity help on our Connected page. Not specifically Psion-related, but worth a look
  • Cables / leads? Psion Cable FAQ for some useful links


Diagnosing problems with a log file

If you are having problems making the connection, you can create a diagnostic log to help you find problems with your Internet connection. If you're running out of ideas, this can be really handy, as it tells you which step in the connection process the problem is occurring.

To get a log file, you need to create a folder called c:\logs\etel (or on a Series 5, c:\logs\netdial). You can do this as follows:

  • Go to the System screen, and go to the root folder.
  • Use [Shift]+[Fn]+[N] to create a new folder.
  • Name this new folder 'Logs'.
  • Double-tap on this folder and from inside this folder, create a new folder called 'Etel' (If you are using a Series 5, and not a newer machine, the folder needs to be called Netdial)

You should now have created a folder with a path of ‘c:\Logs\Etel'. Diagnostic text files will be written here when you try to make a connection. Opening these files by double-tapping them or by importing them into Word will allow you to see each step of the logon process, and may highlight where the connection failed.

A diagnostic log
An Etel log on a Revo

Creating a folder called ‘Email' inside the ‘Logs' folder (e.g. ‘c:\Logs\Email) will generate some useful files to do with your email session.

Other useful log folders include:

  • c:\logs\Email
  • c:\logs\mailtext
  • c:\logs\synch


Setup information for specific devices

This section contains information on modem settings for specific devices:

Ericsson R320

  • Name - Ericsson R320 , Speed - 57600 , Connect - Infrared , Fax Class - Auto
  • Init (reset) - AT&D2T , Data - AT&FX0 , Fax - (blank)
  • Flow - Hardware (RTS/CTS) , Terminal (DSR/DTR) [ ] not checked , Carrier (DCD) [ ] checked , Modem type - Mobile

Ericsson SH888 / 6xx / 7xx / DI27

  • Note - Ensure IR switched on (Activate IR, Yes), 'Data menus' (under Settings) is on, and select 'Data' in the 'Next Call Type' menu.
  • Name - Ericsson , Speed - 115200 , Connect - Infrared , Fax Class - Auto
  • Init (reset) - ATZ , Data - (blank) , Fax - (blank)
  • Flow - Hardware (RTS/CTS) , Terminal (DSR/DTR) [ ] unchecked , Carrier (DCD) [ ] checked , Modem type - Mobile

Motorola Timeport 260 / 7089, P7389, T250

  • Name - Motorola , Speed - 115200 , Connect - Infrared , Fax Class - Auto
  • Init (reset) - AT&F&K5 , Data - (blank) , Fax - (blank)
  • Flow - Software (Xon/Xoff) , Terminal (DSR/DTR) [ ] not checked , Carrier (DCD) [ ] not checked , Modem type - Mobile
    Thanks to Mike McConnell

    Note that using a Motorola phone with a Series 5mx requires the Mobile Connectivity patch from Psion.

Nokia 8810

  • Note: IR must be activated using Menu 9
  • Name - Ericsson R320 , Speed - 57600 , Connect - Infrared , Fax Class - Auto
  • Init (reset) - ATZ , Data - (blank) , Fax - (blank)
  • Flow - Hardware (RTS/CTS) , Terminal (DSR/DTR) [ ] checked , Carrier (DCD) [ ] checked , Modem type - Mobile

Nokia 7650

The Nokia 7650 can connect to the Internet for WAP and Email directly. See our 7650 WAP and 7650 connectivity pages.
Nokia 7650 It's also possible to use the 7650 as a modem for your Psion. Here are the settings needed to get the 7650 to behave as a modem:

  • Note: IR must be activated via the 'modem' option under 'Connect'
  • Name - Nokia 7650 , Speed - 9600 , Connect - Infrared , Fax Class - Auto
  • Init (reset) - ATZ , Data - (blank) , Fax - (blank)
  • Flow - Hardware (RTS/CTS) , Terminal (DSR/DTR) [ ] checked , Carrier (DCD) [ ] checked , Modem type - Mobile

Nokia 5110, Nokia 6110 and Nokia 6150

  • Although these phones have IR ports, they either don't have a built-in modem, or they don't use standard infrared protocols. Accordingly, it doesn't appear that it's possible to connect to the Internet over IR directly. Using these in association with a modem, such as the Psion Travel Modem, may be an option, provided you can obtain the appropriate connector to go from the Nokia to the Travel modem.
Nokia 9210 Pegasus II Modem
  • See 3JTech's manuals page for a downloadable PDF file with details of setting up the modem with a Series 5
Siemens C35 / M35 and S35
  • Name - Siemens , Speed - 115200 (Set to 19200 if using serial cable), Connect -Infrared , Fax Class - Auto
  • Init (reset) - AT&F , Data - AT\Q1 , Fax - (blank)
  • Flow - Software (Xon/Xoff) , Terminal (DSR/DTR) [ ] not checked , Carrier (DCD) [ ] not checked , Modem type - Mobile


WAP with a Psion

Using the Psion WAP browser (supplied with newer machines such as the Revo Plus), you can browse WAP sites from your Psion. The browser runs on the Series 5mx, Revo, Revo Plus, Series 7, Diamond Mako and netBook. The browser's excellent bookmark management, plus the fact that a Psion's screen and keyboard is larger that those of a WAP phone, make the whole WAP experience much better.


Connecting to the Internet via a PC

You may be able to connect your Psion device to your PC, then to use the PC's Internet connection on your Psion. Here are some links to take a look at:

  • PassThru32 - Get your Psion to make use of your PC's modem to make an Internet connection
  • MochaPPP - Use this application to make use of your PC's Internet connection for faster access to the 'net via your Psion (MochaPPP setup information)

Asus Eee PC picWant a Psion replacement? Consider the Asus Eee range. Pictured here is the Eee PC 701 - It's a little bigger than a Psion 5mx, and half the size of an average laptop. It has wi-fi, 3 USB ports, and is pretty powerful. There are ASUS models that run Windows 7, Windows XP, Linux and Google Android

More on our Asus Eee PC Page



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