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The FileSaveAs Top Tech Gadgets

Here's our list of the top gadgets we've reviewed - Our favourite gimzos and tools that have changed how we at FileSaveAs use our tech.


Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle UK

The next generation of electronic book readers, the powerful, light and slim Amazon Kindle UK

Mobile Phone Booster

Vodafone SureSignal

Struggling for a decent mobile phone signal. Consider getting a Femtocell Phone Signal Booster

Print from your mobile

Polaroid Bluetooth Printer

Take a picture on your mobile and get a paper print in 60 seconds - Polaroid Pogo Review

Wi-Fi Enabled SD Card

Eye-Fi Wi-Fi SD Card

An SD card with onboard WiFi for uploads and geo-tagging. Eye-Fi Review

Pulse Smartpen

Livescribe Smartpen

It's a pen and a recorder. Records what you say as you write, plus handwriting to text. Livescribe Pen review

Portable WiFi Base Station

MiFi Portable WiFi Access Point

Need Wi-fi but don't have a fixed line? Get a portable 3G wireless access point Novatel MiFi 2352 Review

Electricity Meter

Envi Power Meter

Curious about how much your gadgets consume power? Track your electricity with a Power Meter

Tag and Detect

Loc8tor Tracker

Ever lost a set of keys? Want to tag and track your cat or dog? Get a Loc8tor tracker

GPS Watch

Garmin Forerunner 405

Garnim Watch with built-in GPS, plus hearth rate monitor and fitness tracker. See our GPS Watch feature

Power Monkey

The Powe Monkey

Carry a portable backup power supply for your phone, mp3 player and camera. Power Monkey Review

Mitex Radios

Mitex Radio

Ever been disappointed with the range of a walkie-talkie? Get a licensed personal radio. Mitex Radio Review

Mobile Phone in a watch

SWAP Mobile phone Watch

What better gadget... a mobile phone in a wristwatch - text and talk from your wrist. Watch Phones

GPS Tracker

iGotU GPS Tracker

This tiny tracker uses GPS to find out where it is, then lets you overlay location onto Google Maps. i-GotU review

Mini PC

Packard Bell iMax Mini

Small and quiet PC - ideal as a lounge multi-media PC, or a home office server - iMax Mini PC Review

Stoway Charger Tidy

Stoway Cable Tidy

Keep your adapter drawer neat and tidy with this unique way of coiling cables. Stoway Review


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