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Boost your Mobile Phone Signal with a Femtocell

In a mobile phone dead spot? Need a better signal? Now you can get a home mobile phone signal booster. Information on Femtocells, your own mobile phone base station.


There's nothing worse than not being able to get a decent mobile phone signal at home. Perhaps you live in a mobile phone blackspot, you're in a basement, in a valley, or you're in a built-up area suffering from network congestion.

No Mobile Phone Signal?


Well, there's finally an answer - the Femtocell.


What's a Femtocell?

Yes, we agree - an odd and unhelpful name. A Femtocell is essentially a home mobile phone base station. Pictured here is Vidafone's Femtocell, which they've called SureSignal:

Vodafone SureSignal Femtocell


It uses your home Broadband connection to connect to your mobile phone provider, and routes incoming, outgoing and data calls over the Internet.


Are they available in the UK?

Yes, Vodafone is the first mobile phone network operator in the UK to offer Femtocells to users that are in a reception blackspot. Their product is the Vodafone Sure Signal.


Vodafone Sure Signal?

This product originally launched in the UK as the "Vodafone Access Gateway" in the middle of 2009, but has now been rebranded as the Sure Signal" - it's apparently the first of its kind in Europe.

The Vodafone Sure Signal is easy to install - just plug it into your home broadband line (you must be able to get 1Mbps download speed or better).

The Sure Signal will give you reliable 3G connectivity using your Internet connection, meaning you'll be able to make and receive voice calls, as well as use your phone for 3G data services.

Vodafone Sure Signal box
The original Vodafone SureSignal Box

At the moment, only Vodafone is offering a home Femtocell service, but no doubt other networks will be bringing out their own products in the near future.

For information on the Vodafone Sure Signal, go to

Vodafone Sure Signal Availability:

  • Spend over £25 a month? £50 one-off cost , or £5 a month for 12 months
  • Spend less than £25 a month? £120 one-off cost (or £5 a month for 24 months)

Available online now from


Vodafone Sure Signal Marketing Shot
Vodafone Sure Signal - Photo from Vodafone marketing material



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