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Mobile Phone Watches in the UK

Who needs to carry a mobile phone around when you could wear one on your wrist. We look at the options for mobile phone watches.


SWAP Watch

This phone popped up in the UK in November 2008.

This watch is available unlocked for under £250, and is a fully featured mobile phone capable of voice and text, as well as audio and video playback, recording, hands-free calling and a whole host more.

SWAP Watch
The SWAP Mobile Phone Watch

Available now, this works will work with all networks in the UK, apart from the 3 network.

  • 1.3 megapixel still and video camera
  • Plays back: MP3, MIDI, WAV, AAC, MP4 video
  • Colour touchscreen 1.5 inch 176 x 128
  • 512 Meg onboard memory (Supports Micro SD cards up to 2GB)
  • USB, Bluetooth v2.0, GPRS data
  • Supplied with Bluetooth headset

More on the SWAP Watch? Check out our Podcast SWAP Watch Review.

The SWAP watch is available for under £230 from I want one of those

Audio Review: Check out our Audio Review of the sWaP Watch - FrequencyCast Show 43 | Transcript


LG Watchphone

The LG-Gd910 Watchphone appeared in the UK in August 2009, and is available from Orange.

LG Watchphone

The Watchphone connects to the 3G network, has a scratch-resistant touchscreen. There are eight electronic watch face designs available.

  • Supports Video calls
  • Bluetooth
  • MP3 / AAC Playback

When launched, the LG Watchphone was only available by turning up in person at the Bond Street, London Orange Store.

Available online via the Orange Shop for around £500.

Got a question about watch phones? Ask in our forum!

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