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Walkie Talkies and PMRs Explored

Details of handheld radios, walkie talkies and PMRs. A look at what's on the market in the UK, and what you need to know about handheld radios


Talking Walkie Talkies!

When you were a kid, a walkie talkie was the best gadget in the world. For the boys at FileSaveAs, when we were youngsters, walkies looked like this...

OIld-style Walkie Talkie

And great fun they were too! The one pictured here, still owned by one of our team, had a handy-dandy morse code button on the front.

The downside of kiddie walkie-talkies, is the range. The walkies that we used to use had a pretty pathetic range... when they stopped working, you'd still be able to communicate by shouting.

In our day, the progression from the Walkie Talkie, was CB radio... with a range of miles, not yards, but you normally needed a base station and a fixed aerial. Sure, you had the distance, but you needed a licence, and it wasn't as convenient as a handheld walkie talkie.


Walkie Talkies Today

Here's a look at two of the walkie talkies on offer now here in the UK.

Cobra Microtalk

Standard PMR Personal Mobile Radios

You can pick up a cheap pair of walkie-talkies on the high street for around £50. Known as PMRs, these operate on the 446MHz band and don't require any kind of licence for use here in the UK.

Pictured here is the Cobra MT975 - £60 a pair from

These are fairly well-specced radios that can be used hands-free, and also as a baby monitor. They claim a range of 7 miles (assuming ideal conditions), but in practice, you're unlikely to get close to this.

For a more detailed look at this model, see our Cobra MicroTalk Walkie Talkie Review

Mitex Walkie Talkie

5 Watt Personal Radios

If you're after something that will give you a better range, then you need to shift away from the half-a-watt PMR devices like the Cobra. Instead, you way want to look at the more professional end of the market - radios that are up to ten times more powerful

Pictured to the left is the Mitex "General" - This operates in the 449 MHz band with a power of 5 watts. o use these legally in the UK, you need a licence from the UK spectrum regulator, OfCom. A licence is easy to apply for and at the time of writing, costs £75 for a 5 year licence.

The Mitex 5W professional radios cost in the £150 mark, and are also available from

More on these portable radios can be found on our Mitex Walkie Talkie Review

Mitex Walkie Talkie

Skype-to-Skype Mobile Devices

Looking for the ultimate walkie-talkies? Get two basic pay-as-you-go mobiles from3 - These offer free Skype-to-Skype calls, so you can effectively use these for free chat with each other anywhere in the UK.

We'd suggest you take a look at the INQ range of cheap Skype mobile phones, available from


Things to look for when getting a Walkie-Talkie

  • VOX: Voice activated transmission
  • "Roger Beep" - A tone sent when you stop transmitting, to let the other person know you're done
  • Channels - Most PMR devices have 8 channels, but use a system to allow extra privacy by offsetting channels. This "privacy" is done using CTCSS (Continuous Tone Coded Squelch System), or the digital equivalent DCS


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