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BT Broadband Wireless Offer

Dial-up Internet access in the UK

This page lists providers of dial-up Internet access. If you're looking for information on Broadband providers, see our dedicated Broadband page


BT Yahoo offers dialup access in the UK:

  • Pay As You Go: Account creation and setup is free - and you're charged by the minute that you're connected (as low as 1p per minute off-peak) . You're paying for a local-rate phone call, and charges appear on your phone bill.

For more on BT Yahoo's dialup service, go to

BT also offers a range of broadband tariffs

Dial-up FAQ

Want to get more?

If you're looking to get more from your Internet connection... consider Broadband and wi-fi. This site offers some useful information on both of these areas:

  • Broadband Advice - Information on high-speed, always-on Broadband Internet access.
  • Wi-fi - Internet without wires. Connect a router to your Broadband connection then access the Internet from all of your PCs, laptops and PDAs
Connection to phone line

To connect to the 'net using a dial-up service (as opposed to Broadband Advice or Wi-fi), you'll need to plug your modem into a phone line - but what about if you don't have a phone line close to your PC? The common solution is to run a telephone extension cable from your home's Master phone socket - kits are available from Argosand Maplin Electronics.

Telephone Extender If you don't fancy running cables around your house, or messing around banging cleats into your skirting board, there is another option - You can use your home mains wiring to connect to your master phone socket, using a wireless extension kit (pictured). More on this on our Phone Extension page

Dial a 9?

A question from site visitor Mick Hodgeson: "I have currently bought a new computer and we need to get dial up as the plan for the Internet. My problem is that when I go into the BT dial up, it automatically dials to attempt to get into the Internet. However in my establishment you have to dial 9 for an outside line. I cannot find a way to circumvent this or to make any alteration in the dial up system to impose the 9 in front of the number."

Assuming you have Windows XP, go to Start > Control panel > Phone and Modem options. Add a location, e.g. "Work", then adjust the "To access an outside line..." settings to add a 9.

Remote control your PC

Once you have Broadband at home, you may be interested to know that you can access your home PC by remote control - great for accessing your files and emails from work, a hotel, a cybercafe or even from a Windows Mobile PDA.

Access Your PC from AnywhereFind out what the remote service offered by GoToMyPC. can do for you. More on our dedicated GoToMyPC page.

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