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Virgin Media Information and Advice

Details on Virgin Media - the UK operation offering broadband, digital TV and phone service.


Virgin LogoVirgin Media officially launched at the start of February 2007, seeing, Telewest Cable and NTL cable merging to offer "quad-play" - Cable TV, Broadband, home and mobile phone service.


Virgin Media Broadband

If you're looking for fast Internet access, then the Virgin Media Broadband Advice service may be just what you need. Broadband speeds of up to 50 Meg are available.

Prices for Virgin Media's Broadband service start from £12.75 a month if you take out Virgin Phone.

Unlike other Broadband providers, there's no monthly download limit with Virgin Media. Benefit include:

  • Speeds of up to 50Mbps - the top speeds in the UK
  • No monthly download limits (Acceptable Usage Policy applies)
  • 5 Gigs of online storage
  • Free Broadband modem
  • Up to 15 email accounts
  • Webspace for your own website
  • Webmail that you can use from any online PC
  • PC Guard PC security package

More details at


Virgin Media Digital TV

Over 65 digital TV channels delivered via cable to your home. There's an XL package offering over 160 TV channels, and there are extras including high definition and TV on demand.

More details at


Virgin Media Phone

Virgin Phone offers flexible packages and fair pricing. Their packages include an unlimited anytime calls tariff. If you like to keep things flexible and use your phone like a mobile, buying the minutes you want to use, there are Talk Anywhere tariffs giving you a set amount of minutes per month.

More details at


Virgin Frequently asked questions

How do I sign up to Virgin Media? You can sign up for Virgin Media by going to the following web address:
Status check

To check the status of Virgin Media's network and services, call 0800 561 0061 (Free), or check online

Having problems with Broadband? See our Broadband Problems section

Virgin Phone Questions

Can I keep my existing BT number?

  • Yes, in almost all cases

I'm switching from BT to Virgin for my phone service. How does the Virgin phone service get connected?

Virgin's engineers will call to do the work for you. They will install a new Master Phone Socket inside the house, which is connected to their cable network. They normally aim to connect this close to the BT Master Socket, so that it's easy to connect any telephone extensions over to the Virgin box.

More details on the Virgin Home Phone service at with


Contacting Virgin Media

Here are some useful contact phone numbers for Virgin Media:

  • Customer Services (Broadband): 0845 840 7777.
  • TV or phone Technical Support: 0845 454 1111
  • Broadband help: 0906 212 1111 (calls at 25p a minute)
  • Dial-up help 0906 301 2222 (ex-ntl) or 0906 706 0000 (ex-Telewest) - calls at 50p a minute


Check mail online

You can check your Virgin Media email online using the Virgin Media webmail service. Go to the following address:

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