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Psion Wap Browser

Using the Psion WAP browser, you can browse WAP sites from your Psion. The browser's excellent bookmark management, plus the fact that a Psion's screen and keyboard are larger that those of most WAP phones, makes the whole WAP experience much better.

The WAP browser supports WAP 1.1, but does not support connection to secure (WTLS) WAP content. It supports multiple 'profiles', and has excellent bookmark management. It does not run on the Series 5, but will run on the Series 5mx, Revo, Revo Plus, Diamond Mako and Series 7/netBook.

Genie WAP
The Psion WAP browser in action


Getting the Psion Wap Browser

  • It is available for free with new Psion machines such as the Revo Plus and later versions of the Series 5mx. (Look for it on the PsiWin CD in the Internet folder)
  • An English version is available from . Psion Hungary
  • Until early 2002, the browser could be purchased from the Psion Software Shop or from Widget Software. In April 2002, Psion UK removed references to the Psion WAP Browser from its site, HOWEVER, an archive copy of the page can be found by clicking here.
  • Occasionally, versions of the Browser appear on Look for a version of PsiWin 2.3.3, but make sure it mentions WAP, as some versions of PsiWin 2.3.3 didn't include WAP
  • There are a couple of sites that offer non-legitimate downloads of the Psion WAP Browser. For our own protection, this site will not list such sites. Please let us know of any legitimate links, and we will update this page.

Setting up the browser

To set up WAP, you need access to a WAP 'gateway' (a web server set up to handle the special WAP pages). When the WAP browser was first launched, Psion bundled in a gateway from Trivanti, called PsionWAP. Sadly, Trivanti are no longer in business, so PsionWAP no longer works, however a host of other gateways are available, and it's possible to get WAP on your Psion for free.

If you're looking for free Wap, consider O2 online (formerly BT Genie) for an inclusive GPRS WAP allowance. If you're a customer of BT Yahoo or Tiscali, they have Wap services that can be configured easily (you'll find setup details here), otherwise, go to the Wap information page for a list of worldwide Wap gateways.

Problems connecting? See our Psion Connecting help

Genie settings
Psion WAP browser gateway settings for free access with o2 Information (WAP setup help)

Version information

1st release: App 1.00f(48) Stack 1.00f(16)
2nd release: App 1.00f(56) Stack 1.00f(28)

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Please ask them in our Psion connectivity forum

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