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MobileXpression M:Panel Mobile Survey

o2 XDA OrbitHere's an interesting one. Got a Windows Mobile or a Symbian OS Smartphone, and fancy making a few quid? This could be worth a look.

Survey firm MobileXpression are prepared to pay you for some basic information about the way you use your phone. They're asking you to install a special piece of software onto your smartphone, and this software collates information on the features you use on your phone.

They'll pay you £15 for signing up, and a £5 a month to keep the software on your phone. They're prepared to offer you this cash as the data they gather is extremely valuable to network operators and phone manufacturers.

Initially a little worried about installing a piece of legitimate "spyware", we were at first sceptical, but we're now giving Mobile Panel a go, to see how it works, and if it's a nice way of making a few bob without handing over too much data to a third-party.

If you're interested in trying it out, you can sign up via this link, or from their marketing image we've added below.


Useful information

You can log in to change your user data at - There's also a window showing information on activity logged. Here's a screenshot of what we see when we log in:

Mobile Panel Screen
M:Metrics Logon screen

If you need to re-install the MMetrics Meter application, you need to go to , log in , and either download the application (PC installer), or request that it's sent over-the-air to your mobile.


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Got an old mobile phone handset that you're no longer using? Don't leave it gathering dust - recycle it. You may even be able to make some money for getting rid of your old phone safely.

For a summary of the best deals on making cash from your old handset, try the comparison search tool at


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