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Google G1 Android Phone in the UK

Information on the first phone powered by Google's Android operating system - the Google G1 phone, and UK availability.


Google G1

The Google G1 phone delivers a completely new mobile internet experience. With an always-on Internet service, this is a seriously connected device.

The Google G1 came out at the end of October 2008 exclusively with

Available in black and white


  • Calls, texts, instant messages, e-mail, blogging or social networks
  • High speed 3G internet with surfing even faster using the full touch screen and trackball
  • The full QWERTY keyboard design makes it easy to type
  • Google portfolio of services - search, IM, email and maps with GPS
  • It's the first phone with the Android Market, so you can download and add more applications
  • In-built 3 Megapixel camera

Discuss the Google G1 in our Mobile Phone forum

UK Availability:

  • Became available on 31st October 2008 from - the phone is free on a £36.50 a month contract, with unlimited Internet access
  • Also available from

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Google Android phone
Up close and personal with the T-Mobile G1 handset

Web browsing on Google G1
The Google G1 Web browser



Google G1 FAQ:

  • No questions yet!


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