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UK Mobile Phone Network Operators

We offer a number of pages of content on the UK mobile phone network operators.

If you're looking for the WAP, GPRS, MMS settings for the main UK network operators such as Vodafone, o2, T-Mobile and Orange, you should find them listed on this site. Note that the settings are listed by network and not by handset, as all handsets use the same settings (even though they may refer to those settings by slightly different names).

If you find you're having problems with any of the settings listed, try our Connect page, or ask in our telecoms forum.

Vodafone SIM Card


o2 SIM Card


T-Mobile SIM Card


Orange SIM Card


Virgin Mobile SIM Card

Virgin Mobile

3 SIM Card

3 / Three

Tesco SIM Card

Tesco Mobile


ASDA Mobile

BT Mobile information


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