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o2 WAP settings

o2 Online offers WAP access via dialup or GPRS. In mid-2003, o2 launched "o2 Active", a WAP service that offers messaging, chat, news, sport, games, a search engine and an entertainment service. O2 online customers qualify for an inclusive GPRS WAP allowance on most tariffs. This page provides some basic information, plus the settings needed to connect to o2 WAP.

To get WAP access, you need the following:

  1. An O2 online SIM card (which gives you free text messages and an inclusive GPRS WAP allowance)
  2. A mobile phone with a built-in modem (such as a Nokia 6100, Nokia 8310, Nokia 5210, Ericsson T68, Siemens S45, Siemens S25i or Ericsson R320)

You can also connect with a PDA or communicator. See below for setup instructions.

O2 WAP settings (dialup):

Dialup number: +447712 927927
Gateway (IP) address:
Username: o2wap
Password: password
Session type: Continuous / permanent

Port number: 8080 (or try 9201)
Authentication: Normal

Old o2/Genie short code WAP number was: 915000

O2 WAP settings (GPRS):
Note: Different settings for contract and PAYG (Pay as you go)

APN address (contract):
APN address (PAYG):
Gateway (IP) address :
Username : o2wap (contract) / payandgo (PAYG)
Password: password
Session type: Continuous / permanent

HTTP Proxy:
Port number: 8080
Authentication: Normal

o2 Active WAP
o2 Active on a Windows Mobile


Setup for smartphones and PDAs

We have pages created to help get your smartphone online. Select from the following:

Step-by-step for a Nokia Series 40 phone (such as a 8310 or 6100)

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to setup o2 WAP via dialup, and not over GPRS. If you require GPRS setup, you'll find the settings in the table above
  1. Go to the Services menu
  2. Select Settings
  3. Select Active service settings'
  4. Pick a 'Set' that isn't in use and 'Activate' it
  5. Scroll down to 'Edit active service settings
  6. Settings name: o2
  7. Homepage:
  8. Session mode: Permanent
  9. Connection security: Off
  10. Data bearer: 'GSM Data'
  11. Dial-up number: +447712 927927
  12. IP address:
  13. Authentication type: Normal
  14. Data call type: ISDN
  15. Data speed: 9600
  16. Login type: Automatic
  17. Username: o2wap
  18. Password: password
  19. Then press 'Back' to save

Setup for Nokia and Ericsson phones

Automatic setup is possible with selected Nokia and Ericsson handset. By entering your mobile number onto the o2 website, o2 can set up your handset for Wap access with an SMS text message.
Supported handsets include: Nokia 3100, Nokia 3330, Nokia 3300, Nokia 3410, Nokia 3510, Nokia 3510i, Nokia 3650, Nokia 5100, Nokia 5210, Nokia 6100, Nokia 6210, Nokia 6310, Nokia 6310i, Nokia 6510, Nokia 6510, Nokia 6610, Nokia 6800, Nokia 7110, Nokia 7210, Nokia 7250, Nokia 7250i, Nokia 3100, Nokia 3330, Nokia 3300, Nokia 3410, Nokia 3510, Nokia 3510i, Nokia 3650, Nokia 5100, Nokia 5210, Nokia 6100, Nokia 6210, Nokia 6310, Nokia 7650, Nokia 8310, Nokia 8910, Nokia 8910i, Nokia 9210, Nokia 9210i, Ericsson T39, Ericsson T65, Ericsson T68, Ericsson R320s, Ericsson R380s, Samsung V200, Sony Ericsson T68i, Sony Ericsson T230, Sony Ericsson T300, Sony Ericsson T610, Sony Ericsson P800

To have o2 set up Wap access for you automatically, o2 Over-Air Setup



The most common reason for failure to connect to a Wap service, is that your SIM card may not be "data enabled". Check with your network operator to ensure that your SIM allows data calls as well as voice calls. There's normally no charge for data-enabling a SIM.

Some other things to consider:

  • If you're finding that you can't access Internet or email over o2, but you can access WAP, it's probable that you're trying to access a service that you're not supposed to - WAP access is provided by o2 for access to online WAP content. For access to other Internet services, o2 prefer you to use Mobile Web, their GPRS data service.
  • If connecting from a PDA over infrared to a mobile phone, ensure that the phone's Infrared is switched on, and check the
  • distance (ideally between 5 - 15cm... too close may swamp the IR eye), and that there's a clear line of sight.
  • Under some cases, we've seen "Page not found" messages when trying to connect to the address. We've been able to resolve this by using a slightly different address, wsp:// of you're having problems this could be worth a try.
  • There are two dialup access numbers for o2. The short code number of 915000 and the full number 07712927927. If you can't connect, try the alternative number. If you're connecting in from outside the UK, don't forget the international prefix, i.e. +447712927927

Still need help? See our Connected? help page, or ask in our online forum

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