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Nokia 3650: Using WAP

Help and advice on how to set up a WAP connection on a Nokia 3650 WAP handset, from the team at FileSaveAs

If you have a Nokia 3650 Smartphone, you'll find a built-in WAP browser ('Services" from the main menu)
. The advantages of the large screen and keyboard one-box solution are obvious.

WAP on a Nokia 3650
The Nokia 3650 Wap browser
Banking on a 3650
Banking on the move

Setting up O2 WAP on a Nokia 3650

o2 SIMThis page gives information on how to set up your phone for WAP access with UK mobile phone operator O2 online o2 offers up to 1000 free SMS messages and an inclusive GPRS WAP allowance. We have settings for other UK network operators on our WAP page.

To get o2 WAP access, you need the following:

  1. An O2 SIM Card (which gives you free text messages and an inclusive GPRS WAP allowance)
  2. ANokia 3650 and the built-in Wap browser ('Services' from the main menu)

You need to decide whether you're going to connect using a dial-up service, or GPRS. All WAP handsets can cope with dial-up, and o2 online allow an amount of free dial-up WAP access with their tariffs. GPRS offers an always-on connection, and you're charged for the amount you download, not the length of time you're online. For details of GPRS, see our GPRS page.

To set up o2 WAP access, do the following:

  • Go to the "Services" application
  • Select Options | Settings | Default Access Point
  • Select Options | New Access Point | Use default settings
  • Enter the settings from the following table
  • Press 'Back' when complete. To access WAP, go to the 'Services' application and go to a WAP site. o2's homepage is

Field Dial-up connection GPRS connection
Connection name o2 o2
Data bearer GSM data GPRS
Dial-up number +447712 927927 -
Access point name - (Contract) (PAYG)
User name o2wap o2wap
Prompt password No No
Password password password
Authentication Normal Normal
Gateway IP address
Data call type ISDN v.110 -
Maximum data speed 9600 -

Network settings 1 Network settings 2
Setting up WAP

For more on o2 WAP, see our o2 WAP page
For a list of WAP settings for other UK mobile phone operators, see our WAP page

Problems connecting

If you're having problems connecting to WAP, try the following advice:

  • In order to use WAP, you must have data services enabled on your account. If you can't connect, contact your network operator (e.g. o2, Orange, Vodafone or T-Mobile), and ask them to ensure that your SIM Card is 'data-enabled'.
  • If trying to connect via GPRS, note that this is a different service to standard dial-up WAP access. Again, contact your network operator to ensure GPRS is enabled on your account.
  • Still having problems? Double-check your settings are 100% correct. The UK settings for the main network operators can be found on our WAP page. Alternatively, try getting the settings sent to your handset using the Nokia Configurator.
  • If you're still having problems, best bet is to ask in our forum with details of handset type and error messages. Alternatively, contact your network operator for help.

For more help, see our Connected? page

Other links:

  • For details of setting up WAP for other networks, see our WAP settings page.
  • For help with Bluetooth, go to our Bluetooth page.
  • To have Wap settings sent directly to your mobile, try the Nokia Configurator
  • For help connecting to email, go to the 3650 connectivity page.
  • Free WAP? If your network operator doesn't offer you any free WAP usage, you may want to consider moving to another network, such as UK operator O2 online, who offer a free WAP allowance over GPRS.

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