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Vodafone UK Information

This page contains information on UK Network Operator, Vodafone.


Vodafone has been providing mobile phone services in the UK since the mid-1980's.

SIM CardAt FileSaveAs, we have pages dedicated to helping mobile users set up their phones for Web and WAP surfing, media-messaging and email, and this page contains specific information that may be of use to Vodafone customers.

More details of Vodafone's offering at

Vidafone Sure SignalProblems with your mobile signal? Vodafone may have the answer...

Vodafone has released SureSignal - A box that can boost your Vodafone mobile signal. More details on our Mobile Phone Signal Boosters page or at


Vodafone useful information:

SMS Service Centre number: +447785016005.
This number is used to configure your phone for sending text messages. (See SMS page)
Handset's serial number: Enter '*#06#' as a phone number, to get your handset's serial number (known as the IMEI) - useful if your phone is stolen
Pay as you go credit

To check your balance and how much remaining credit you have, enter '*#2345#' as a phone number. We've also heard that the number '*#1345#' works on some phones.

Call 2345 free from your pay-as-you-talk mobile, to top up your Vodafone credit.

Other useful codes

You can also try the following network commands:

  • *#100# = Your own mobile phone number
  • *#103# = The current time from the network
Contacting Customer Services For Customer Services:
  • Dial 191 from your mobile phone
  • Pay monthly: 08700 700 191 (From overseas: +44 7836 191 191)
  • Pay as you talk: 08700 776 655 (From overseas: +44 7836 191919)
  • Business: 08700 746 464 (From overseas: +44 7836 191 191)

You can email Vodafone via the 'Contact us' link at

Stolen handset If your Vodafone handset is stolen, call Vodafone Customer Services immediately:
  • Pay monthly: 07836 191191
  • Pay as you talk: 08700 776655
Vodafone email details:

Vodafone offers an email service called Vodafone Mail. With this you get an email address that you can access via the Internet, your mobile phone or your landline phone. You can Receive text alerts when new messages arrive. You need to register on the Vodafone website to use Vodafone Mail.

  • Call 242 to listen to email messages on your mobile

Vodafone GPRS / 3G settings

GPRS and 3G allow for an "always on" data connection for mobile phones, for faster browsing and email. Vodafone must enable GPRS settings for your SIM card before you can use this. You'll need to contact Customer Services. For more on GPRS, see our GPRS page.

The Vodafone GPRS settings can be found on the Vodafone section of our GPRS Settings page


Vodafone MMS settings

MMS is the abbreviation for Multi-media messaging - sending images and videos between mobiles. Your network operator must enable MMS settings for your SIM card before you can use this. You'll need to contact Customer Services. For more on picture messaging, see our MMS page.

The Vodafone MMS settings can be found on the Vodafone section of our MMS Settings page

For more help, see our Connected? page


Vodafone WAP settings

WAP gives you access to special pages optimised for use on a mobile phone. For more on WAP, see our WAP page.

The Vodafone WAP settings can be found on our WAP Settings page


Sell your old mobile phoneSell your old phone for cash!

Got an old mobile phone handset that you're no longer using? Don't leave it gathering dust in a draw... get some cash for getting rid of your old phone safely.

For a summary of the best deals on making cash from your old handset, try the comparison search tool at

Vodafone Frequently-asked questions:

What is my SIM card PIN?

The PIN code for your Vodafone SIM card should be printed on the delivery slip that comes with the SIM card. If in doubt, try Vodafone's default PIN code for SIM cards, which is 0000.

Note that you get three tries to enter the PIN, and your phone will be locked if you fail after these tries. You'll then need to contact Vodafone to get a PUK code to unlock your SIM card.

What is my PUK code?

You will be asked to enter a PUK code if you've had more goes at guessing your SIM card PIN code than you're allowed.

If your phone is prompting you for a PUK code, you'll need to phone Vodafone's Customer Services department - they can provide you with a PUK code to unlock your SIM card once they have verified your identity.

For security reasons, only Vodafone can legally provide you with a PUK code to unlock your Vodafone SIM card, so you'll need to contact them.

Data services / 3G

If you want to connect your laptop to the Internet while away from home or the office, o2 offers a Mobile Broadband service, and their 3G network covers a reasonable amount of the UK.

Mobile Internet from VodafoneVodafone Mobile Broadband offers speeds of up to 7.2Meg, Vodafone's Mobile Broadband is now Half Price for Life - at £15 a month for 3gig per month. Available with a USB modem. More details at

More on USB modems on our USB Modems page

Poor signal?

Vodafone Sure SignalIf you're not able to get a strong Vodafone signal where you live, you may be pleased to know that Vodafone offer a solution, and as of the start of 2010, they're the only UK mobile phone network offering such a service.

The product is called the Vodafone Sure Signal, and it's what's known as a Femtocell - a home base station that boosts your mobile's signal.

More details on our Mobile Phone Signal Boosters page or at

Using services abroad

Users with a Vodafone account should be able to use their phone overseas, but note the following:

  • You need to contact Customer Services to enable "International roaming".
  • Not all phones work in all parts of the world - For example, the US uses a different frequency range to Europe, and you'll need a get a tri-band phone.
When 'roaming' on overseas network, note that it's more expensive... also, if someone calls you while you're overseas, you'll pay for the International leg of the journey. Some other things to note:
  • WAP and GPRS access whilst you are abroad is not free
  • Text messaging and data access from abroad (including Channel Islands and Isle of Man) will be charged at the foreign network operators prevailing rates for a text back to the UK.
  • Text messages sent from the UK to non UK mobiles on foreign networks will not be included in any free allowances, and will cost more than sending a message within the UK.

For details of using Vodafone overseas, see the Vodafone Travelling Abroad page on the Vodafone site

Vodafone Voicemail Frequently-asked questions:

Voicemail retrieval number: To listen to your voicemail, dial 121 from your Vodafone mobile
How much does it cost to use Vodafone Voicemail?

At the time of writing, there is no charge to activate the service, but you pay to retrieve messages. The cost of retrieving a Vodafone voicemail from your mobile phone last time we checked is 20 pence per minute. If you have free minutes of your account, this cost will be deducted from those free minutes.

Check the Vodafone website for current charges.Vodafone is 20 pence

Accessing voicemail from a landline or from abroad To access your voicemail account from a standard landline phone, simply dial your own mobile number. When connected, press 9 to skip through your personal greeting, and you'll be prompted for your PIN.
If outside the UK, remember to prefix with +44 and lose the first '0', e.g. +447802 090100
Enable / Disable voicemail Dial the following codes from your mobile to turn on and off Voda's voicemail:
  • To activate voicemail on your mobile, dial: 1211
  • To deactivate voicemail on your mobile, dial: 1210
Voicemail notification Vodafone gives you the option of being called when there's a waiting voicemail, or receiving a text message alert. You can change your voicemail notification method as follows:
  • Dial 121, and press Send.
  • Press 1 for the main menu, then dial 43
  • There are three options:
    • Select 2 for alerts by SMS text message
    • Select 3 for Voice altert and deliver message
    • Select 4 to select Voice alert
What is my PIN? Vodafone's default voicemail PIN is 3333. If you haven't set a PIN, this is likely to be your PIN number. If in doubt, you'll need to contact Vodafone customer services.


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