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Nokia 6680 Smartphone

Nokia 6680

The 6680 offers support for 3G networks as well as being a tri-band phone. It also support's Nokia XpressPrint. It has two integrated cameras, supports two-way video calling and has an active slide covering the back camera. The main camera is 1.3 megapixels, it has a flash and 6x digital zoom. Other features include Bluetooth, EDGE, MP3 ringtones and MPEG4 video playback and an HTML browser with PDF support.

The Nokia 6680 is powered by Symbian OS v8.0 (Series 60 v2.6), and is a combined mobile phone and PDA.

For full details, see Nokia's Nokia's 6680 page

Availability: Available from April 2005 - No longer available.

Discuss the 6680 phone in our Series 60 forum

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Nokia 6680 screenshot
Nokia 6680 screenshot
Nokia 6680 screenshot

Useful links:

Nokia 6680 FAQ

Accessories? There's a wide range of accessories, including spare batteries, cases, chargers, in-car kits, hands-free units, data cables and fascias, available at Carphone Warehouse and MobileShop.
Email from your 6680 If you're looking to use your 6680 for sending and receiving e-mail, consider taking out an account with free provider, BT Yahoo. For details of connectivity, see our Series 60 Email section.
How do I use WAP / What is 'Services'? As well as a web browser, the 6680 has a WAP browser, which can be accessed via the Services menu. For details of Wap on a 6680, and using WAP, see our Series 60 WAP page
How do I install software?

A SIS fileSoftware for Symbian OS phones is normally supplied using a Symbian installation file (with a .sis extension). This is a single file that contains the components needed to get a piece of software installed and ready to run. A SIS file can be run on a Symbian phone (e.g. from the Inbox or via a file manager). It can also be run via the PC connectivity solution that was supplied on the CD with the handset.

For help on this subject, see our Series 60 FAQ

How do I uninstall software?

To uninstall software that was installed onto a Series 60 phone, go to the Manager application from the main menu (in the Tools folder on some models), select the application, press Options, and select Remove from the menu

How do I connect my 6680 to my PC?

Belkin Bluetooth adapterInformation on how to connect a Symbian phone to a PC is one of our most common questions. There can be a number of options (such as Bluetooth, USB or infrared), depending on what your handset supports, and what's available for your PC.
As it's one of our top topics, we've set up a dedicated page - See our Series 60 PC FAQ

Operating system The Nokia 6680 uses the Symbian Operating System. To check the version number, type *#0000#

The handset can be upgraded to the latest version of the operating system at approved Nokia Service Centres. Online upgrades are not available.
Hotmail and AOL access?

Hotmail and AOL use proprietary email systems, as opposed to the more common POP email systems - this makes it tricky to access mail on a Series 60 device. For email on the move, consider using a standard POP3 provider such as BT Yahoo (see setup details) that offers free email accounts that can be configured on a Series 60 phone.

If you really want to use Hotmail or AOL, see our Series 60 FAQ on this subject.

Can I use the 6680 in the States? Yes. The 6680 is a tri-band phone operating on EGSM900/1800 (Europe, Africa, Asia Pacific), and GSM1900 (USA, Canada, South America). There should be no problem using the 6680 with network operators in these countries. Roaming restrictions from your network operator may prevent use of some services in other countries.
My phone reports that it's running low on memory

If in the course of normal operation, you start seeing messages about low memory, you need to remove some files from the Internal drive to recover some space. Note that 'memory' and 'storage' are effectively the same on a 6680.

  • If you're not sure what's on your phone, go to Tools > File Manager > Options > Memory details to see what's using your memory
  • If it's your MMC card that's filling up, go to Extras > Memory > Options > Memory details
  • To free space, use the File Manager app to either delete files, or to move them to the memory card

For more on memory, see the questions below...

Extra memory for 6680 Reduced size MMC card The Nokia 6680 supports Reduced-size MMC cards for memory expansion. Nokia can sell you their own reduced size MMC cards, but their prices for Nokia-branded cards are higher than for standard cards. We've not heard of any incompatibility with non-Nokia cards, so it's worth shopping around to get a third-party card. Here are a few online options:
  • Amazon - Always a good choice for reliable delivery at good prices
  • - bid for new cards at low prices!

For more details, see our Memory Card page

How do I format my memory card? Go to Extras > Memory > Options > Format Mem Card
How do I enable Auto Keylock? Surprisingly, the Nokia 6680 doesn't come with an automatic key lock that switches on after a certain period of time to prevent accidental keypresses - however, third-party application Handy Keylock is available to fill this gap. The functionality is also included as part of Psiloc Extended Profiles application.
How do I get to the ringtones settings? Go to Tools > Profiles, select which profile you're in (if you're not sure, it's probably 'General'), press 'Options', 'Personalise', then press on the 'Ringing tone' option. Scroll up or down, and press 'Select' on the tone you want.
FM radio for my 6680? Some Nokia devices come with a built-in FM radio, but the Nokia 6680 does not. We're often asked whether software is available to add a radio to their phone. Unfortunately, it's not that simple, as it's not just a software issue. Phones that have built-in radios contain dedicated hardware in the phone to do this (an FM RF tuner)... and the 6680 doesn't have that. If you're really desperate to listen to radio from your handset, note that it is possible to listen to streaming audio over the Internet via GPRS (using an application such as Avec Radio), although don't expect the results to be up to much!
How do share my pictures with others?

Once you have taken a picture on the 6680, there are three ways to get the files from your phone to other people or computers:

  1. You can copy it to your PC with the Nokia software supplied on the CD . Depending on what you have connected to your computer, you can use Infrared or Bluetooth. Set your PC to receive files (using the IR or Bluetooth software supplied with your adapter), select the photo to send (from Images), then from the Options menu, select Send.
  2. You can use the Messaging application and email the picture to yourself (or a friend)
  3. Send the picture to another mobile using MMS. Costs of sending pictures by MMS differ depending on which network operator you're with. Take a look at our MMS page for more.
Changing the default picture

To change the default wallpaper image used in the phone application, do the following:

  • Go to Gallery > Images
  • Select an image
  • Press Options > Set as Wallpaper
Who's calling?

Thanks to caller display, we can see who's calling. For answers to your Caller Display questions, see our Caller Display Series 60 FAQ

Alternative connectivity software

Rather than the software that came as standard with the phone, there's a rather useful third-party application called Oxygen II - This application supports Contacts, Calendar, Messaging and file management.
For details of how this works, take a look at our Oxygen page

Can I use it as a modem? Yes, using Cable or Bluetooth.

To use your Nokia 6680 as a data modem from a PC, you need to install the One Touch Access modem drivers that are supplied as part of the Nokia PC Suite.
Once the drives are installed, go to Windows Control Panel, select 'Phone and Modem options', click the modems tab. Then click "Add". Then, choose "Don't detect...". Install the modems driver from the manufacturer Nokia. Make sure you set the correct port in "Selected ports". The PDF file supplied with the Nokia PC Suite outlines the process in more detail.

SMS to PC?

If you're looking to copy your SMS text messages to a PC, you'll find that the Nokia PC Suite software doesn't support this. The best option is to try Oxygen II - This is an alternative PC Suite and supports copying of SMS, MMS and other message types, as well as a few other things that Nokia suite can't do. Take a look at our Oxygen page

Data conversion For help with information on converting your Contacts, Calendar and documents for viewing on your phone, see our Conversion page for some general guidance.
Other problems If you're having other problems with your phone, try our Series 60 FAQ, which includes more useful tips
Various 6680 passcodes: Below is a list of the various code types you'll find on the 6680:

Lock code
  • Length: 5 digits
  • Detail:Used to prevent unauthorised access to certain functions on the phone
  • Set from: Tools > Settings > Security > Phone & SIM
  • Default: The default lock code for Nokia Series 60 devices is 12345.
  • Lost? - If you've changed this code and forgotten it - you will need to visit a Nokia authorised service center, who will be able to reset the lock code for you.
PIN code
  • Length: 4 digits
  • Detail: This is an optional 4 digit code to protect your SIM
  • Set from: Tools > Settings > Security > Phone & SIM
  • Lost? - If you keep trying, you'll eventually get locked out and need to contact your network operator for a PUK code (see below)
PUK code
  • Length: 8 digits
  • Detail: You'll be asked for this 8 digit code if you've entered the wrong SIM code more than the allowed number of times. You'll need to contact your network operator to get this lock lifted. PUK code help.
Network locking code
  • If your phone was fixed to work on a specific network (for example, Orange), this lock may prevent you from using another SIM in the handset. You may see "SIM card rejected" or "SIM card unaccepted". This lock can be lifted for you by contacting the network operator in question (there may be a fee for this).
Memory Card lock code
  • Our forum often gets messages from people that are seeing "Memory card locked". This means that your MMC card has had a password set on it. If you know the password, and want to remove it, go to Tools> Memory.
  • Lost? - Sorry, but we don't know of a way to remove this code. The advice we've seen via our forum suggests that you may want to format your memory card either from the Tools > Memory > Options > Format mem. card, or using a PC Memory Card Reader. If you know of a better solution, please pass this on via our forum to help others that have managed to lock themselves out of their cards!
Anti-virus Viruses for Series 60 handsets are fairly rare, but they are around - mostly distributed via dodgy SIS files. Common Symbian viruses include Cabir, Skulls and Lasco. If you think you may have been affected, or are worried about security - try getting an anti-virus package for your Series 60 phone. Options include F-Secure, SimWorks and SMobile VirusGuard, and these are all available for download from
Receive faxes on your mobile Looking to get faxes on your Series 60 phone? See our answer in the Series 60 FAQ
What's my 6680's serial number?
Enter '*#06#' for your handset's serial number (known as the IMEI) - useful if your phone is stolen

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