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The Jarviser Files

Since the release of the first BT Home Hub in 2006, two websites provided a huge amount of help and advice for those looking to get to grips with BT's new technology - FileSaveAs and Jarviser. The Jarviser site is no longer live, but you'll find the content of that site here on FileSaveAs.

This page was originally part of the Jarviser Home Hubs Files. They are now housed here at FileSaveAs to help users of the BT Home Hub.

"If all else fails ... try a hard reset"

Jarviser Home Hub Articles

Typical Large Home Network.
Broadband Speed Improvement.
BT's iPlate
Bellwire Fix in a nutshell.
Link two V1.0 Homehubs by wi-fi
Link two Homehubs by Ethernet
Spare V1.0 Hub as a Wi-fi Dongle.
Lock V1.0 hub into firmware
Inside the V1 Home Hub.
Inside the V2.0 Home Hub.
Use BBTalk on a "Slave" hub
The NETGEAR on BT Broadband


How to's

Reset the Home Hub
Get rid of FON
Hub Passwords
Connect your Mac iBook or iPod
Upgrade V1.x Hub Firmware (Recovery tool)
Diagnose Broadband speed problems
Using XP/Vista/Win7 wireless manager
Un-install BT CD software
Connecting a hard disk to the hub
Clean Socket Test
De-register a hub phone handset
Register a hub phone without a cradle
Setting up a Windows Network
Access home network camera from internet
Using an old Hubphone on V2.0 hub.
Using a 2.1 Hubphone on an old hub.
Force the hub to issue the same IP address.
DIY Fit a BT master socket.
Change the working IP range of a V2 Hub
Make Yahoo Mail remember your login
Using a 3rd party router with my Hub



Home hub keeps rebooting!
Password is not accepted.
Home hub will not connect by wi-fi
Hub will not connect by Ethernet.
Can get into the hub menu but not internet
Downloading files seems slow
BT CD lost or not compatible with PC
MAC based PC will not open Hub Admin.
Hub 2.0 will not show devices
No broadband til I make a phone call
Phone 2.1 keeps "searching" on the cradle
Broadband Talk no longer works.
Broadband works but no landline Dial Tone.
Can't disable the Hub's wireless


Home Hub Forum
BT Home Hub Poem
How ADSL-MAX works
BT Sockets and Wires
Routerstats-Lite Diagnosis Tool
Broadband Survival - more links
Broadband in "the Sticks"
HACKING the Hub 2.0 (Yes!)


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