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This page was originally part of the Jarviser Home Hubs Files. They are now housed here at FileSaveAs to help users of the BT Home Hub.

Inside the Home Hub V2 (Type A)

Inside the BT Hub v2

Note: It appears that in 2009 a new type of version 2.0 Hub - the Type B - has been released alongside the original (Type A??). Also version of Type A with fixed soldered wifi card have been seen. The following pictures and notes apply to that original 2008 Type A model.

Type B is shown at the end.

Thanks to Home Hub Forum member Paul Fox for many of the Type A pics. Click on any pic to enlarge.

Take usual precautions against static or the circuits can be damaged. Wrap the bare ends of some spare electrical wire round a bare copper pipe like on a radiator (NOT the earth pin of a socket - too dangerous!!!) and tuck the other bare ends of the wire under an elastic band around some wristbands made of aluminium kitchen foil. SWMBO will probably say "WTF", but just pretend you know what you're doing.

The casing can be separated by undoing the two screws under the self adhesive rubber feet.
The Front of the hub pulls directly down towards you with "hooks" along the top and down each side. The front will remain attached by the red and black power leads.

Three screws like the two already removed hold the printed circuit board to the back. Removing these and lifting up the left hand side of the PCB will free the board but it will remain attached with one of the antenna leads. Take care not to damage the wire phone antenna on the RH side. Hold the PCB about 40mm clear of the back casing and flick the grey antenna lead off carefully with a thumb-nail.

Inside the BT Hub v2

Inside the BT Hub v2

After removing the other antenna lead, turn the PCB over, and check if your version has a removable wireless card (Later ones do not). If you do, the side of the Broadcom mini-PCI wireless card furthest from the white multi-connector can be raised to 45 degrees after simultaneously springing the two usual clips at each end, and the card pulled clear. This will enable checking and cleaning of the multi-connector on the card with an ordinary plastic eraser if there are any intermittent wifi worries.
(Note that later versions do NOT have removable wifi cards!)
Pics further down show the mini-PCI wifi card up close.

Inside the BT Hub v2

Inside the BT Hub v2

Shots of the main board. One antenna circled yellow. Another wire aerial on the opposite side circled red seems to be the DECT aerial.

Inside the BT Hub v2

Mini-PCI Wi-fi card (marked Broadcom 2007.)

Inside the BT Hub v2

Inside the BT Hub v2

Two antennae. One in the casing, one on the main board.

Inside the BT Hub v2

Inside the BT Hub v2

Two halves of the casing - Pic shows one antenna.

Details of the Power Supply can be seen here

Inside the Home Hub V2 (Type B)

"DS" has emailed me these pics of the PCB on a Type B. The casing comes apart quite easily but has to be prised apart with a blunt table knife as there are no screws in the base like the Type A..

Inside the BT Hub v2

Inside the BT Hub v2

The Type B version 2.0 hub has only featured in the forums since mid 2009 is mechanically different from the Type A, with a Sagem/Gigaset chipset (Sagem acquired the Gigaset broadband business in July 09) and even using a different power supply voltage. Some claim that only hubphones of type B or with type B firmware are compatible with Type B hubs but I have information from others that Type A phones do work happily with Type B hubs!

Type B hubs do not click on boot-up. This suggests no electromechanical relays are used. Further confirmed by reports that you still have to dial "5" to get PSTN landline calls even if BBTalk is disabled. There are firmware differences around the Telephony disable function.


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