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This page was originally part of the Jarviser Home Hubs Files. They are now housed here at FileSaveAs to help users of the BT Home Hub.

Summary of versions of BT Hubs and Firmware

Last Update September 2009.

BT Home Hub versions.

BT Home Hub Compared

Three hub shapes from the past few years up to 2010.

Version 1.x

Most V1's (pictured left) were white, some V1.5 (Centre) were black, but they were the same inside! DECT "hub-phones" were interchangeable between V1 and V1.5, though 1010 phones came out with the V1 and 1020 phones came out with the V1.5. These hubs are all designed by Thomson and made for BT in China, the V1 and V1.5 being based on the Thomson Speedtouch. They all had "wireless-g" wi-fi 54Mbps capability with one external and one internal antenna. Both V1.x hubs came with one USB port to connect PCs and two ethernet ports. Eth2 port differs from Eth1 in that Eth2 has a power save function. That feature is re-awoken only by a PC but more passive network devices may continue to sleep, including BT Vision boxes or network drives. Use ETH2 for a PC and run everything else off an ethernet switch plugged into ETH1.

Version 2.0

The Type A Version 2.0 homehubcame out in mid 2008 and was fitted with 4 ethernet ports, no USB PC connection,and a "draft-n" wi-fi with two MIMO internal antennae giving 130Mbps network speed. The v2.1 hub phones will work at basic level with the V1.x hubs, and vice-versa, but advanced features such as Hi-dS sound and the shared notebook in the V2.0 will not work.
see also BT Infinity Hub later.

Hubs V1.x and V2 all come with another USB-A port for "future use" of which nothing has been made, except you can just about attach a FAT32 formatted drive. It should have been utilised for attaching mobile broadband dongle to make it a, ADSL/3G hub, but that is most unlikely to happen even on V2. Too clever for the current development team I expect.

The Type B version 2.0 hub which has only featured in the forums since mid 2009 is mechanically different from the Type A, with a different chipset and even using a different power supply voltage. Some claim that only hubphones of type B or with type B firmware are compatible with Type B hubs whilst others claim that Type A phones do work happily with Type B hubs!.
Type B hubs do not click on boot-up. This suggests no electromechanical relays are used. Further confirmed by reports that you still have to dial "5" to get PSTN landline calls even if BBTalk is disabled. There are firmware differences around the Telephony disable function.

Oct 2009 I received an email from "MooJuice" which confirms this with more detail
"The 'Type B' hub seems a fair bit 'friendlier' and faster (in terms of accessing its management screens) than the Type A. The WiFi signal is identified by inSSIDer as beingGigaset rather than a Thomson Speedtouch; the firmware also uses Jungo for remote management.... It does have one obvious bug though, allocating one of the pre-defined applications to a device or IP address works, but un-assigning them doesn't; the firmware will report that the NAT rule has been removed, but when you try to re-allocate it tells you that the rule has already been applied to another device and that you should allocate to the same device again (even though that's what you already tried to do). Resetting to factory defaults does clear the problem (rebooting doesn't), and the workaround I've found to work is to create a custom rule-set that clones the pre-defined one."

According to BT..."BT has two suppliers for the Home Hub 2.0. The Type A is supplied by Thomson and the Type B by Sagem Communications(Sagem acquired the Gigaset broadband business in July 09).
Both versions were built to the same specifications and although some internal differences can be observed the Hubs are functionally the same.
The Hub Phones 2.1 are completely interoperable with both Hubs."

BT INFINITY HUB(Extract from BT web pages 2010) "The BT Infinity Hub has been designed specially for use with the fibre network, and is the only router that you can use. It connects your online equipment, such as computers and games consoles, to the Openreach modem, either by wires or Wi-Fi. You'll get your BT Infinity Hub in the post a few days before we install BT Infinity at your home.
It's similar to the (popular?) BT Home Hub 2.0, which is used for BT Total Broadband, and has the same functionality. There are a few minor differences:
1. One of the Ethernet ports on the back of the BT Infinity Hub (labelled 'Ethernet WAN') is designed exclusively to connect to the Openreach modem.
2. This means that the BT Infinity Hub only has three Ethernet ports available for connecting other devices.
3. The way you need to set up the BT Infinity Hub to make phone calls is slightly different. You'll need to connect the landline phone cable from the back of the Hub to a nearby phone extension socket (the broadband cable can double as the landline phone cable for BT Total Broadband customers). "

Here's an image of the back of the BT Infinity Hub (courtesy BT): Infinity BT HUB

original BT HUB

speedtouch 7g

There was also an earlier hub (pic left), grey in colour, labelled as "Inventel DV4212-BT" and with "BT Hub" on the front but I have no useful information about that hub, except that it was introduced to service the Fusion phones. It was designed by Thomson and made by Inventel until Thomson took them over.

The other "hub" (pic right) is the Speedtouch 7g, which is the biological mother of the Home Hub V1. They took a modified logic board from the 7g to make the V1 hub. That means the firmware for the 7g can be flashed into the V1 hub, but not V1.5.

Summary of firmwares over the last couple of years

Version 1 and 1.5 hubs:6.1.1.M - V1 hubs only, some 0800 numbers don't work, not IE7 compatible.
6.1.1.R - V1 hubs only, IE7 compatible but supports one hub phone only. - V1 hubs only - the last version to allow telnet access. Can be hacked easily. Supports BT Vision and Fusion.
It is also possible to Lock into prevent any further upgrades.
6.2.6.B - V1 or V1.5 hubs and needed for FON to work. First commercial version on V1.5 hubs. Rather buggy. Auto time set but timezone problem. "Basic config" section added. Extra uPnP and games support.
6.2.6.C - V1 or V1.5 debugged B version
6.2.6.E - V1 or V1.5 More debugging but wi-fi was inherently unstable. FON and Broadband Anywhere. Timezone problem persists. default admin password changed to serial number but enforced password change introduced.
6.2.6.H - V1 or V1.5 - Most of the E bugs removed, and can be scheduled to load in BT's new Upgrade ManagerIt will auto upgrade to this version if you have FON enabled, otherwise manual request as above.
Wi-fi seems to be much better on 6.2.6.H i.e. it allows all laptops to connect without having to fiddle with wifi channels. Timezone problem fixed.

Version 2.0 Hub : Home Hub Icon
8.1.A.D (Type A) - V2 only - First commercial firmware on V2 July 08.
8.1.A.E/8.1.F.4 (Type A) - V2 only- First revision two minor corrections Aug 08. (The two firmwares are identical despite different numbers).

May thru June 2009
New firmware via automatic download only:
8.1.H.G (Type A) (Type B)

November 28th 2009
Software version 8.1.H.J (Type A)
No change to Type B
This version introduces the following improvements:
Changes to automatic wireless channel selection.
Correction to a problem with Power Save activation.
Correction to problems uploading large files by wifi.
Counters fixed
Users report most bugs seem to be fixed, and also the DynDNS problem seems to have gone away too.


Product Recall

BT Home Hub PSU

Potentially dangerous problem with Power Plug on all Home Hub V2.0 produced before October 2008. These older units can possibly come apart when pulled from the socket, or if hit by a vacuum cleaner etc. People who bought from BT should automatically be sent a replacement, which has a Green safety sticker. If yours was an Ebayer, call BT for a replacement. See http://www.bt.com/hub2


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