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information on the UK Internet Service Provider, Tiscali, now owned by the Carphone Warehouse


Tiscali Acquired by Carphone Warehouse

In 2009, Tiscali's Internet, Phone and TV services were acquired by Carphone Warehouse

In January 2010, Tiscali customers became TalkTalk customers, and Tiscali in the UK is no more.

If you're looking for information on TalkTalk Broadband, please see our TalkTalk Help and Advice page, or go to

This page of Tiscali information will remain in place on our site for reference, but is no longer current.

Want to switch away from Tiscali? If you're looking for a low-cost alternative to Tiscali, consider Plusnet (just £6.49 a month). You may also want to consider BT Broadband who also offer their on-demand TV service, BT Vision.



Information on UK Broadband Provider Tiscali

Tiscali (formerly known as 'Lineone') offers a range of Internet options:

  • Broadband - Fast, always-on Internet access. Monthly subscription.

  • Pay as you go - A dial-up service, where you get charged by the minute when you access their service.

  • Anytime - A one-off monthly fee for access to the Internet whenever you want. 150 hours a month, and no call costs.


Summary of Tiscali benefits:

Members are allowed 6 email addresses, and 100 Megs of webspace, and you can import emails from other POP3 email accounts. You can also send 10 free SMS text messages a day, and access your account on the move.

  • Six email accounts
  • 100MB of webspace for your own website
  • Webmail that you can use from any online PC
  • Speeds up to 8 Meg
  • FREE Broadband modem


Looking for TalkTalk? You can get TalkTalk broadband and phone for £6.99 a month (plus £11.49 line rental). Details on our TalkTalk page or at

TalkTalk Broadband Offer Summary


Tiscali Tariffs:

Here is a summary of the tariffs on offer from Tiscali prior to the TalkTalk re-brand in 2010. For details of the current TalkTalk tariffs, see our TalkTalk page, or go to

Package Monthly fee Details
Broadband From £14.99

Speeds of up to 8 Meg available.

Currently with FREE connection and FREE modem. UK Broadband Advice.

Dial-up Pay as you go

None Connection time appears as a local-rate phone call on your normal phone bill
Dial-up Anytime £14.99 Unmetered Internet day and night, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Tiscali webpages

Service status:
Support forum:

Tiscali Server Information

  Tiscali Lineone
Username / login name
Incoming (POP3) server
Outgoing (SMTP) server
Website (FTP) server
Users homepage
WAP portal n/a
News (NNTP) server

For help with Tiscali email settings, see our UK Email Settings page

Tiscali Dialup numbers

Tariff Current Old / Alternative
Pay-as-you-go 0844 057 5000 0845 661 4681 / 0845 3530222
Anytime 0808 993 3031 0845 353 0220
Off-peak 0808 993 3050 0845 353 0220
Daytime 0808 993 3151 0845 353 0220
ISDN 0845 661 4682 0845 353 0229
Surftime 0844 040 4102 N/a
Tiscali 50 0809 993 3030 0845 353 0220
Tiscali 100 0808 993 3030 0845 353 0220
Lineone Pay-as-you-go 0844 057 5000 0845 700 2299, 08457 576144 or 08457 576180


Tiscali over WAP

Tiscali provide access to their services over WAP (the Mobile Internet), from mobile phones with a WAP browser. If you are already have WAP set up on your phone, you can just go to with your existing WAP settings.

Tiscali on a Nokia 7650
Tiscali's WAP service on a Nokia 7650


Tiscali also offer their own WAP gateway. Below you'll find their WAP settings. Note that you should check with your network operator to find out what rate you will be billed for using Tiscali's Gateway.

Tiscali WAP dialup settings:

Dialup number: +44870 743 9109
Gateway (IP) address:
Username: wolwap
Password: wapwol
Session type: Continuous / permanent

Port number: 9201
Authentication: Normal / PAP
Connection security: Normal / Off

For more on WAP, see our dedicated WAP page

Frequently asked questions

How do I get an account? It's no longer possible to get a Tiscali account in the UK. Tiscali has been acquired by TalkTalk. To get a TalkTalk account, go to the following web address:
Status check

To check the status of Tiscali's network and services, see Tiscali's Status Page.

Check mail online

You can check your Tiscali email online using their webmail service. Go to the following address:

Got a question? Ask in our Broadband forum


Tiscali Contact Details

  • By email: Tiscali's site . Note that they don't publish their email addresses, you have to follow the "Service support" links to an online form

  • By phone: From August 2007, Tiscali introduced one number for all technical support, billing and customer care enquiries.. This is 0871 222 3311. Calls will be charged at 10p a minute. The older numbers are as follows:
    • Tiscali Support / Customer Services: 0906 300 6633. 7 days a week 8am to Midnight (50p per minute)
    • Billing: 0870 744 9966. 8am to 8pm Mon to Fri, 9am to 2pm on Saturdays.(National rate)
    • Registration Helpline: 0845 660 1001. (Local rate)

  • Postal address: Tiscali Customer Service, PO Box 7206, Kiln Farm, Mk14 6XG

    For other contact details, see Tiscali's site.

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