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On The Net - Issue 08

On The Net is a regular Internet column for handheld computing magazine Palmtop User. The column is put together by the FileSaveAs team, and we'd like to thank Palmtop User for allowing us to include back issues on our site.

Captain's Blog

Are you a blogger? For those not in the know, more and more Internet users are now making use of blogs -online journals that can contain a record of the blogger's thoughts, snippets of information, and any bits of text that the publisher thinks the rest of the world may be interested to read.

So, blogs are filled with meaningless daily diaries and personal rants? Not necessarily. In some cases blogs have highly practical uses, such as providing a way to disseminate news, for clubs and societies to keep members up-to-date, for web publishers to inform visitors of changes, and for travellers to report on their globetrotting from the nearest cybercafe. Importantly, blogging makes it possible publish text on the net without needing special software or knowledge of web design. Once a blog has been created, using a service such as the one offered for free at, it can be accessed an added to from a standard web browser from anywhere in the world.

If being tied to a desktop is too much, mobile users may want to make use of a more advanced blogging service. For the ultimate flexibility, it's worth taking a look at recently launched theZpace. For a small monthly fee, you can add to your blog in a variety of ways. As well as from a web browser, you can add to your blog from a WAP-enabled mobile, by email, or by sending your entry in the form of a text message to a special number. Users of cameraphones can also upload pictures to their space via MMS. The service offers a load of other features too - such as an online diary, the option to make content public or private, an email and newsfeed service, text alerts, file storage, and the ability to give your friends permission to add to or comments on your blog entries.

If you're interested, see if the free 30 day trial gets you hooked.
On the subject of Blogs, Symbian users may be interested in taking a look at, a collection of a dozen or so blogs from various users.

Fond farewell to FoxPop?

Sadly, the owners of one of the most comprehensive palmtop sites around have decided to call it a day. Foxpop started life as a site dedicated to the GeoFox PDA, but over the last five years expanded to cover all PDAs and handsets. Despite ceasing operations a couple of months back, the site's news page offers comfort in the form of plans to re-launch in a more democratic format, one that requires less maintenance and more collaboration. Keep your fingers crossed, and an eye on

Mobile Mags

Something new for users of Java-enabled mobiles - digital magazines. New players Three o'clock are trialling a series of Java magazines containing video clips, interviews and photos that are downloaded to your device. It's free to subscribe, and all you pay for is the data download. The site claims to be offering 60 magazines on a range of topics when it launches fully, and a small selection are available to try right now. At the time of writing, the line-up includes cars, fashion, music, and a magazine for the Euro 2004 football.

Infinitely entertaining

You've got to love the Internet - never a day goes by without some new mind-boggling site appearing. The most recent site to catch my eye (and my cat's), is the Infinite Cat Project. The premise is simple... view the current cat, and snap a picture of your feline friend looking that the onscreen cat, who's looking at a cat, who's looking at a cat... Get the idea? Camera phones at the ready, people...



Article from Palmtop User Issue 08. Click here for Issue 9's article


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