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On The Net - Palmtop User

Palmtop User's roundup of the Internet from a handheld user's perspective...

Palmtop User was launched in August 2002, seeing the merger between Palmtop and PalmUser magazines - two publications that have been serving the handheld computer market since 1994.

In each issue of Palmtop User magazine, On The Net (written by Pete Sipple), takes a look at what's new on the Internet, what's being said in the newsgroups, and points out some top sites that you may have missed.

For reference, here's a summary of the sites we've visited.

Featured in On The Net

Issue 13

In this article, we look at making use of your PDA to take remote control of your home TV system, stream audio and video from home to your mobile, and how to download and make use of podcast files on your PDA. A guide to getting the most of TV, video and radio content on your PDA.

Online version of OTN 13

Issue 12

A special feature on mobile travel information, and getting road, rail, air and London travel on your PDA or mobile. The links found in this special can be found on our Travel page, or on the PDA-friendly version at

Online version of OTN 12

Issue 11

Handango- Top-rated site for software for your device
OnSpeed - Ways to speed up your mobile and dialup connection
Juice - Download podcast files from BBC Podcasting and other Podcast sites

Online version of OTN 11

Issue 10

The Gadgeteer - Huge, long-running gadget review site
eBay Anywhere - Make sure you don't miss an outbid notification
MSN and Google - How do these serious engines compare on a PDA?

Online version of OTN 10

Issue 9

Total Hotspots UK - wi-fi hotspot directory
Mini Stumbler or Wi-Fi Companion - Software to detect local wi-fi hotspots
Tritium Flatenna - Low-priced gadget for improving wi-fi range.
Wifi Spray - A less-effective wi-fi extender that may make you smile.
Paper Napkin - A new way to get someone out of your life
Solar SCOTTeVeST - An amazing piece of new PDAwear
Puma One - Send & receive faxes from your handheld

Online version of OTN 09

Issue 8

theZpace - Blogging and more, on the move
Infinite Cat Project - Feline madness: another mad use of the Net

Online version of OTN 08

Issue 7

Palm Infocenter News - Info on Palm OS v6
FileSaveAs PDA info - Help with PDA connectivity

Online version of OTN 07

Issue 6

Tag and Scan ( - Novel location-based service to locate nearby attractions
Obsolete Computer Museum - Hardware from a bygone age

Online version of OTN 06

Issue 5

Brighthand - Discussion forums for Pocket PC, Palm and Symbian OS
Pocket Gamers - Pocket PC games site
Domain of the Infinite - Virtual studio making Pocket PC movies

Online version of OTN 05

Issue 4 Google - Search and access web content, from a WAP browser
PocketMovies - Download stacks of movie clips for Pocket PC
Radio and Telly - TV and radio listings from your Pocket PC or Palm
PDAGold - Pocket PC themes galore - News on intelligent phones, technology, and the purring kitty(!)

Online version of OTN 04

Issue 3 Tucows - Focus in on this giant software site - Nokia's newest cameraphone, the 3650

Online version of OTN 03

Issue 2 Yahoo Messenger for Pocket PC
pdaBlast - Subsites for Palm, Clie, Visor, Pocket PC and Symbian OS
Psion File - Programming plus odds and ends not found elsewhere
Issue 1 Focus on
Changes to PDABuzz
PocketPCThoughts - The internal workings of o2's XDA

Online version of OTN 01

Pocket PC Resources - Recommended Pocket PC links

Palm links, from previous issues of PalmUser's On The Net

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