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Internet Tools and Resources

A collection of useful links to some great Internet tools

Search EnginesAlltheweb
Internet Archive - Look back on archived versions of websites
People Searchers Email search engine
UK Info - A CD of around 60 million UK names and addresses
Yahoo Email address - Track down people with an online presence
BT Directory Enquiries
Lookup UK - Powerful lookup engine
Friends Reunited - Track down school friends and colleagues
Myoldmate - Help tracking down old friends
News GroupsGoogle News - Search (was Deja)
MailandNews - Search and Post
UK Usenet - Information on UK Newsgroups
Lookup tools DNS Stuff Lookup tools - Great collection of lookup, DNS & ping tools
IP Address World or NetIns IP lookup - get your current IP address
CentralOps and Visual Traceroute - trace an IP or web address
Geektools Whois - Powerful IP address lookup

Web tools

Zenu Link Sleuth - Fast and free software that checks for dead links on websites
Cyberspyder - Software that checks for dead links
Linkscan and StickySauce - Check for dead links and page errors online
HTML Validator and Online validator - Online HTML checker
HTML Validator, Tag checker and A Real Validator - Software used to validate your HTML code
Change Detection - Get an email when a web page changes
Website Optimisation - Check the speed of a web page
HTML Shrinker - Application to reduce the size of sites
Warriors of the net - a superb MPEG video (12 mins) explaining how IP works
Helix Basic - Create Real Audio files
GoToMyPC - Take control of your machine over the Internet
Bandwidthplace - Test the speed of your Internet connection
NetStat Live - Monitor net connection & speed
Internet Traffic report - How fast is the 'net running today?
Change Detection - Website change notification

Online backups - A look at Databarracks and PC fort for internet backups

Webmaster services

Bravenet - Lots of free webmaster tools, such as forums, guestbooks and counters
The Counter, Sitemeter, Hitbox, Freestats, and Net Digits Counter - Counters
Internetseer , Siteprobe & SummitWATCH - Website server monitoring, notification of site downtime
LinkAlarm - Email notification of dead links. free trial

Link Alarm - Free directory of websites who swap links with other websites
LinkCounter - track outgoing links
Copyscape - Find out if your website content's been copied
Money Making Website - Tips for webmasters to make cash from their sites - Email to fax service for your site

Search Engine Resources

SEO Index Visibility - Check your position with engines
Searchenginewatch - Check if you're listed in the major directories
Yahoo Site Explorer - See which sites link to you
Marketleap - Check which engines list your site
Alexa Site info - Summary of information on a site
Summitmedia Sim (hot) & SEO Spider- See how a search engine views your site
Scrub Web Meta - Check out your Meta tags
StickySauce Keyword Density - Check occurences of site keywords
Submit Corner - Analysis tools and advice to get you noticed
Clara submit - Submit to UK search engines
Ineedhits - Notify search engines
Keyword Extractor - Keyword extractor software

Essex Max - Advice on optimising your website

Virus and security

Symantec Anti-Virus Centre
Virus Portal - Real-time information on viruses worldwide
Virus information
McAfee AntiVirus software and DSLReport - Check your firewall

Web hosting and ISPs Namesco - Information on this UK hosting company
Broadband information
Web design JavaScript Source - Example code for your site
Javafile - Javascript code
- Large collection of cgi tools
Cooltext - Generate buttons and titles online
Dreamweaver CS5 Website editing package

Google Adwords

If you're looking to get greater promotion of your website online, consider using Google for some web advertising. The Google Adwords scheme allows anyone with a website to have their ad displayed in the results of a Google search engine search. The ads are displayed based on keywords that you select, and you only pay when someone clicks on your ad's link. Best of all, the cost-per-click for each ad can be as low as you want. As an example, you could create an ad using the keywords "Bluetooth fridge", set a price of 5p per click, and a maximum daily limit of 50p. At the end of the month, Google will debit your credit card with the cost of the clickthroughs. This way, you only pay for genuine clicks on keywords searched by Google users. A very cost-effective way to do business! You're paying a small amount for highly targetted advertising that can get you noticed. The online reports are excellent, and you can have a high degree over who sees your ads, what they see, and how little it's costing.
Consider signing up at

Google Adwords

Other tools:

  • Enditall- A fast way to exit all running applications on your PC
  • Belarc Advisor- Examine your PC's hardware specs, and get an audit list of installed software
  • Windows Startup - Check which apps are auto-starting
  • AM-DeadLink - Freeware app to tidy dead bookmarks

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