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BT Home Hub Help - Versions of the Home Hub

There are three different versions of the BT Home Hub out there in the wild. We look at the differences between each model.


BT Home Hub Versions

BT Home Hub 3BT Home Hub Version 3: Released in February 2011, see the Home Hub 3 review for full details and images.

Here are the main changes from v2.0:

  • Significantly smaller than Hub 2.0
  • Uses "smart wireless" for better wi-fi performance
  • Support for BT Infinity (BT's faster Broadband)
  • No longer supports BT Broadband Talk and Hub Phones

BT Home Hub 2BT Home Hub Version 2.0: Released in July 2008, see the Home Hub 2.0 review for full details and images.

Here are the main changes from v1.5:

  • Support for the faster 802.11n standard - increased range (with suitable wi-fi hardware)
  • Better power efficiency - the Hub can go into a power saving mode.
  • Two additional Ethernet sockets
  • Option to restrict Internet access to some devices by time (restrict kid's access)


BT Home Hub 1.5BT Home Hub Version 1.5: Launched in October 2007, based on the original Hub, and appears to be using the same core software.

Here are the main changes from v1.0:

  • New shape - A shorter, squarer, more curvy Hub
  • A 'Restart' button on the side - to save having to remove and insert the power lead whenever the Hub locks (a more stable Hub would remove the need for a Restart button, of course!)
  • Sockets on the back repositioned, and the hinged flap removed - for easier access to connectors.
  • A more flexible aerial that can swivel 180 degrees, not just 90 degrees.
  • No more flashing 'Data' light - and a new 'Upgrading' light
  • The Hub can share it's bandwidth to other surfers, as part of BT Fon

BT Home Hub 1BT Home Hub Version 1: The first version of the BT Home Hub was released in 2006.

The hardware was made by Inventel, and based on the Thomson Speedtouch 7G broadband router.


BT Home Hub 3 Rear Connectors

Home Hub 3 rear connectors
BT Home Hub 3 rear connectors

BT Home Hub v2.0 Rear Connectors

Home Hub 2.0 rear connectors
Home Hub 2.0 rear connectors

BT Home Hub v1.5 Rear Connectors

BT Home Hub v1.5 connectors
Sockets on the rear of the BT Home Hub v1.5

BT Home Hub v1 Rear Connectors

BT Home Hub v1.0 connectors
Sockets on the rear of the BT Home Hub v1.0


Need some Home Hub Help?

We have a number of other pages offering help and advice on the Home Hub:


If you've got any questions we've not covered, or need help and advice, please ask in our Home Hub forum - Sign up and post a new message.


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