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Clara - Internet Services is one of the more trusted names around in the Internet service business, and are especially popular with small businesses who need more reliable and stable connections.

As well as servicing the business community, Clara also offers home Internet service, and as they have a small customer base than the likes of BT Broadband, TalkTalk and Sky Broadband, their service is generally more reliable, stable, and faster.

Clara offers the following:

They can help with domain name purchase as well as home or business web hosting. Basic website hosting starts at around £30 (with a domain name) including 100MB of webspace and email forwarding. Paying a little more gets extras like web stat reports and improved email handling.

This site is hosted with Clara.

For more details, go to

Clara Webmail
Clara Webmail

Clara domain manager
Clara's webstats

Clara domain manager
Clara's domain manager

Server Information

UK dialup Local-call numbers0845 088 4000
0845 126 4000
0845 081 4000
0845 080 4000
Other dialup numbers0207 906 6161 (London)
0207 905 5151 (London)
1690 0845 350 5900 (Freetime)
Incoming (POP3)
Outgoing (SMTP)
News (NNTP)

For more details, go to

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