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Sky Broadband Explored

information on Sky Broadband, the broadband service from digital TV provider Sky


Sky LogoWhy Sky Broadband?

If you currently get your digital TV from Sky, then getting your Broadband from Sky as well is a great way of saving money. If you're with Sky for your telly, then it's well worth considering Sky's current Unlimited Broadband offer

Signing up is easy, Sky will send you a free Sky Hub (their wireless broadband router, pictured below), and you can transfer your broadband to Sky online with minimal fuss.

Sky Hub - Broadband Router

For full details of Sky Broadband, go to


Summary of benefits:

  • No limits on downloads with Sky's unlimited Broadband or Fibre package
  • Free Sky Hub - This wireless router combines Sky Smart Signal to find the best wi-fi channel, and switches to an eco power setting when not in use - and it's perfect for Sky's On Demand TV service
  • Free Sky WiFi at over 20,000 locations
  • Sky Yahoo Email
  • Sky Broadband Shield, to filter sites you'd rather your family don't see
  • 24/7 technical support

Sky Broadband Packages

Download limits
Latest Deals

Sky Broadband Unlimited

Up to 17 Mbps Unlimited Sky deals are changing all the time. Here's their current best Broadband deal:

To see what other deals are on offer, go to
Sky Fibre Up to 38 Mbps 25GB / month
Sky Fibre Unlimited Up to 38 Mbps Unlimited
Sky Fibre Max Up to 76 Mbps Unlimited

At the time of writing, prices include Sky Line Rental, which is £18.99 a month.


How do I get Sky Broadband?

You can sign up to Sky Broadband at

If you're looking to switch from a rival broadband provider, see Sky's Switching Guide


Sky Broadband Wireless Router

To use Sky Broadband, you're provided with Sky's Broadband router, known as the Sky Hub. This plugs into your phone line, and lets you connect computers to the Internet.

The router allows you to connect computers via an Ethernet cable (4 ports available), or to use a wireless (wi-fi) connection.

Sky Hub - Broadband Router
Sky Hub Broadband Wireless Router


Sky Hub - Broadband Router
Sky Hub Broadband Wireless Router

Setting up the Sky Broadband Router

The Sky Broadband router doesn't actually need much setting up - Plug it in to your phone line, then plug in your computer or laptop.

If you want to set it up for wi-fi, then you'll find the SSID and Security key you need on the bottom of the router.

If you're more of a techie, and want to alter the security settings, change password or make any advanced changes, then you can get to the settings on the Sky router via a web browser.


Sky Broadband Server Information

Username / login name:
Incoming (POP3) email server address:
Outgoing (SMTP) email server address:

For help with Sky Broadband email settings, see our UK Email Settings page


Sky Broadband Frequently asked questions

How do I get an account? You can sign up for a Sky Broadband account by going to the following web address:
Customer Support

To contact the Sky Broadband technical helpdesk, call 03442 411 653

Connection Problems

Having problems with Broadband? See our Broadband Problems section

Got a question? Ask in our Broadband forum

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