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This page was originally part of the Jarviser Home Hubs Files. They are now housed here at FileSaveAs to help users of the BT Home Hub.

Inside the BT Business Hub (non-technical!)

I bought a BT Business Hub 2700HGV to try and see if my flakey broadband would remain steady in the evenings. When it arrived from ebay it was dead - would not power up at all and it was not the pSU so it was a doorstop. So I thought may as well see how to take it apart.

Inside The BT Business Hub

Put a wide bladed screwdriver between the fascia and the top panel (the one without the rubber feet) so that the two tabs on the fascia are exposed.

Then insert another screwdriver in the gap between the top and the side and prise up. Lift up the other corner similarly.

Inside The BT Business Hub

Lift up the edge about 25 mm and then pull away from the casing.

Inside The BT Business Hub

The fascia sits on two spigots. Tilt away from the base so that the "button with the keyhole that does nothing" can be released from the round hole in the metal frame, and lift away.

Inside The BT Business Hub

Seven screws hold the PCB to the base.

Inside The BT Business Hub

The three antennae are extensions to the PCB. Underside of PCB shown ...

Inside The BT Business Hub

...and the upper side. Absolutely nothing user-serviceable on the whole thing and I still don't know what was wrong. I got a refund and this went to the e-tip.


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