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Truecall - An end to nuisance calls

Looking for a little privacy at home? TrueCall is a small gadget that's used to screen incoming phone calls. Blacklisted numbers won't get through, but your friends will. We explore Truecall in more detail.


What is TrueCall?

TrueCall was featured on the BBC Dragon's Den show on the 15th of July. It's a tool that can be used to screen out those unwanted calls, whilst being invisible to your friends. It "slayed" the Dragons, who clearly saw the usefulness of this gadget.

TrueCall is designed to handle those tedious nuisance calls, telemarketing, silent calls, calls from overseas call centres, double-glazing sales calls, misdialed faxes, robots, market research companies, and offensive or threatening calls.


The Truecall unit is about the size of a small paperback book and plugs into your home to check each incoming call you get before your phone even rings. It'll let your family and friends through (you add their number to a whitelist). Callers on your block list, or calls you're not interested in, will get met with "We're not interested in your call. Please hang up and don't call us again"

You can also use Truecall to keep a copy of your phone conversations with an optional Truecall call recorder


How does TrueCall work?

When a call is received, TrueCall uses Caller Line Identification (CLI) to check the person's phone number.

If the number is on what's known as the user's "star list", the call comes through. the Star list holds 500 numbers, and you add to the list by pressing the * button.

If the caller's number is on the user's personal Zap list, the phone won't ring, and the caller is told that they're not wanted.

People who withhold their number will be asked for their name, puts them on hold, and gives you the option to answer or reject the call.

TrueCall UK availability

Optional phone recording SD card for Truecall also available from


Key features of TrueCall:

  • Gives you control over the calls you receive
  • Rejects unwelcome callers
  • Works on all home phone lines - including Broadband lines
  • Personalise your announcements
  • NightShield

TrueCall recorderAdd-on for TrueCall:

You can turn your Truecall into a recorder. Record all of your phone calls onto an SD card and transfer them to a PC.

Save and archive up to 140 hours of phone calls. It's legal in the UK to record phone calls, as long as it's for personal use.

The TrueCall recorder and message centre SD card costs under £30 and is available from


TrueCall is supplied with:

  • The TrueCall unit
  • Mains power adaptor
  • Quick Start Guide / Owners Guide
  • Weblink and Internet Control Panel guide


Truecall Review

  • Coming soon. Please check back soon.


Got a question? Please ask about Truecall in our Telecoms forum

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