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Laptops, Notebooks and handheld devices from Dell

Dell Laptops, Desktops and Notebooks

Dell is the leading supplier of laptops and notebooks in the UK. Their range includes the Inspiron, the XPS and the Dell Mini 9.

This page offers information on ordering from Dell

Dell Laptops and notebooks

  • Inspiron Mini - Sub-notebooks with 9 or 12 screens
  • Inspiron - Entry level with 15.4" screen
  • Studio - Customisable inside and out with 15 or 17" screen
  • XPS - Top of the range, with 13, 15.4" and 17" screens

See the full range of Dell laptops and notebooks at

Dell Inspiron
Dell Inspiron
Dell XPS
Dell XPS
High-end power laptop
Dell Studio
Dell Studio
Stylish, customisable
Dell Inspiron Mini 9
Dell Mini 9
Tiny sub-notebook

Dell Desktops

A range of desktops to suit all needs, including the basic Inspiron, the high-powered XPS range, an over-powered games machine, and the Hybrid, which is ideal as a lounge PC for Windows Media Center.

Dell Inspiron Desktop
Dell Inspiron Desktop
Dell XPS Desptop
Dell XPS Desktop
Dell Studio Desktop
Dell Studio Desktop
Dell Gaming Desktop
Dell Gaming
Dell Studio Hybrid
Dell Hybrid

See the full range of Dell laptops and notebooks at


Ordering from Dell

The advantage of buying from Dell is that you can customise your order online, getting exactly what you want, without paying for stuff you don't need - for example:

  • Do you want a bigger battery with your laptop?
  • Would you prefer Microsoft Office pre-installed, instead of Microsoft Works?
  • Want the virus checker installed?
  • Want more memory? A bigger hard-drive? Or don't want to pay for stuff you'll never use
  • When ordering, you also get the choice of getting a mouse, a laptop bag, keyboard, monitor, mobile broadband and a host of other options

For full details of the Dell range of laptops, notebooks and desktop machines, go to


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  • Mobile Broadband - Details of how to get Internet access on your laptop
  • Wi-fi help - Need some advice on hooking up wi-fi? Try here


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