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Carbonite Online Backup

Need to keep data on your home PC safe and sound? Consider Carbonite, or one of the other online backup services. We outline a couple of options



For some reason, Carbonite are not interested in us promoting their online backup service on our site. So, we've looked around, and found what appears to be an even better service.


Acronis Online Backup

Acronis offers a range of different backup products for home and business. We're keen on their "Acronis Online Backup" product, which offers low-cost, efficient and secure backup.

The service allows up to 250GB of data to be backed up. You can protect up to 5 PCs, and data is heavily encrypted for your protection.

The service is priced at under £40 a year.

A free trial is available from


Acronis ONline Baxckup Interface
The Acronis Online Backup Main Interface

Acronis Online Backup

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