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Acronis Online Backup Reviewed

Want to keep your data safe? You'd better keep it online. After trying two or three different online backup services, we're now using Acronis. Here's a summary if our findings so far.



What is Acronis Backup?

Acronis offers a range of different backup products for home and business.

We've been trying out the "Acronis Online Backup" product, which offers low-cost, efficient and secure backup.

The basic Online Backup service allows up to 250GB of data to be backed up and lets you archive data from up to 5 PCs. The data is heavily encrypted for your protection.

Also it's a US firm, UK pricing is supported, and at the time of writing, the service is priced at under £40 a year.

The user interface is very good - nice and easy to select what files you want to back up, and generally well thought-out. Running the first backup is a very slow process though - and that's simply an issue with broadband. Broadband in the UK is optimised for downloading content. While you may be on an 8 or 20 meg download speed - you may find your upload speed is 256kpbs or 512kbps, so uploading a gig of data is an overnight job. Restoring is, of course, a lot faster.

A free trial of Acronis, is available from


Acronis Online Backup Interface
The Acronis Online Backup Main Interface

Acronis Online Backup


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