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BT Text - Home SMS Service

Information about BT text, the service that lets you send and receive text messages from your home phone.


What is BT Text?

BT Text is a service that allows you to get text messages on your home landline phone instead of on a mobile.

To get the most from BT Text, you can get a home phone that supports BT Text, and send text messages from your landline. BT Text phones are available from BT Shop and

BT Stratus 1500 handsetHandsets that support SMS text messaging include the following:

If someone sends a text message to your home landline number, BT will convert this to speech, ring you, and read the text message to you.

Receiving a text message is free, and you don't need to register for this service


Why have I been called by 0845 602 1111 ?

This is the BT Text service. Someone has sent a text message from their mobile phone to your home phone number. BT converts this text message to a voice message and uses an automated service to read the text message to you.


How do I retrieve messages?

Call 0845 602 1111 to hear recent text messages.

You will hear an automated message saying "Welcome to the SMS text store from BT", then let you read or delete your text message

Note that text messages are only held for 24 hours.


Who sent me a BT Text message?

If you have been sent a text message on your landline phone, you can replay the message and check who sent it by dialling 0845 602 1111.

When you dial this number, a recorded message says:

"Welcome to the SMS Text Store from BT. You have 1 saved voice text. 1st saved message. Message from [phone number of sender]. To listen to the message, press 1. To save the message, press 2".

If you press 1, the service will read the message and tell you what time it was sent. To listen to the message again (including the phone number of the sender) press 1.

The service reads you the phone number of the sender. If you don't recognise the number of the sender, try calling the number and see who answers.


Changing your settings?

If you don't want to get BT Text messages on your home phone, call the automated BT Text Options service on 0800 587 5252. You can control the "curfew time", or turn off messages altogether from the Curfew menu.


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