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BT Mobile Broadband - Internet on the move

BT Broadband Latest Offer


If you've got BT Broadband at home, you can now get Broadband on the move, either with a BT Mobile Broadband dongle, or with a BT Broadband Smartphone.


The BT Mobile Broadband dongle

BT Mobile Broadband DongleIf you've got a laptop, and you're thinking of signing up to BT's home broadband service, you might want to take a look at the USB dongle currently being offered by BT.

The BT Broadband Mobile Dongle plugs into a free USB port on your laptop, and gives you a high-speed mobile broadband connection. It uses the Vodafone mobile phone network for its data connection, and offers speeds up to 7.2Mbps, although as with all mobile Internet connections, speed is dependant on coverage and how heavily others are using the service.

BT throw in 1 Gigabyte of download allowance for free for each month of your 18 month Broadband contract. With 1Gig you can download approx. 48 photos, 144 songs, a film, 300 emails and browse for up to 400 minutes. If you need more gigs a month, you can top up easily - £10 for an extra 1Gig, or £15 for an extra 3GB.

The dongle is easy to use - just plug and play

New customers: The BT Mobile Broadband dongle is available for a one-off £39.99

Existing BT customers: If you're already with BT, you can get the dongle for a one-off £39.99! You can order from However, you can get a similar offering from o2 for £30 more on our o2 Broadband page.

Our view. Worth getting if you're signing to BT for the first time and likely to be a light surfer. Not a good deal for existing BT Broadband customers.

Order Now Get the Broadband dongle:

More details on the BT Mobile Broadband dongle at the BT Mobile Broadband site



BT ToGo SmartphoneBT Broadband Anywhere Smartphones

Fancy getting yourself a free Windows Mobile or Android smartphone from BT? If you sign up to the BT Broadband Anywhere package, you can get hold of one of two smartphones, which let you surf on the move, send and receive emails on the go, keep your diary up-to-date, and much more.

More details on the two available handsets on our BT Broadband Anywhere page.


Order Now Get the BT Broadband Anywhere Smartphone:

More details on the available handsets on the BT Broadband Anywhere site



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