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TomTom - Your Questions Answered

Got a questions about using your TomTom Sat Nav device? We may be able to help. On this page is a list of answers to common TomTom questions


Speed Cameras and TomTom

TomTom offers a UK Safety Camera service as an optional subscription service. There is an alternative to this service - the UK Safety Camera Database.

We have a page dedicated to installing and using a safety camera database on your TomTom - See our TomTom Safety Cameras page.


Using TomTom Without A Route

We're often asked how to use a TomTom One or TomTom Go without having a preset route in mind. Perhaps you're driving on a route you know well and don't need turn-by-turn navigation, or maybe you just want it on to alert you of upcoming speed cameras. If you want to use a TomTom for general driving around (with no specific route), here are the options:

  • TomTom Clear Route iconAfter a route has been set, you can clear the route - Go to the main menu, and look for the 'Clear route' menu option. If this option isn't displayed, go to Preferences and select "Show all menu options".
  • Use it with the volume turned down - tap on the bar at the bottom of the screen, and turn the volume bar to minimum.
  • Switch to Map mode - tap on the screen, and scroll to 'Browse map' - You'll be able to see your position plotted on a zoomable map.
  • We've also had some luck with the following: Set up a short route to a very close location. Drive to that destination. Once TomTom's got you to that destination, it doesn't seem to mind where you drive next, and seems to continue to show the navigation screen, but without spoken directions.

Getting New Maps

TomTom MapsIt's possible to buy other maps for your TomTom product. These typically come on an SD card, and are for a number of different countries and regions, such as: Western Europe, Italy / Spain, Portugal, Andorra / France / Great Britain / Belgium, The Netherlands & Luxembourg / Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland & Czech Republic / Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway / USA / Australia.

These can be purchased from retailers such as Partmaster Direct.


Getting Extra Voices

TomTom products allow you to use different voice files to switch from the standard voice, to something a little more fun. The TomTom CD comes with a number of different voice files, but there are a couple of other places to pick up some new voices to heighten your driving pleasure.

There's a small selection of voices that can be purchased TomTom's site, including an excellent John Cleese and a Homer Simpson.

As well as TomTom's own site, we recommend Sat Nav Voices as a top place to pick up a new voice for your TomTom - their range includes White Van Man, The Voice of God, a Geeza, Manuel from Barcelona, and the rather bizarre Cat Nav, plus a whole lot more. Our favourite? Sexy Sabrina... for those long boring journeys... "would you mind just turning to the left for me, sweetie?"

Once downloaded, voices need to be installed into a folder called '\voices\ at the root of the drive that contains your TomTom software.



TomTom One Case A range of accessories are available for TomTom products, including additional maps, carry cases, car mount kits, power adapters, car chargers, an external antenna and a selection of cables. Try the following online retailers:


TomTom Activation Codes:

If you've got yourself a TomTom unit - you should keep a safe record of your Product Code and Activation Code, as you may need these again if you have to reinstall TomTom software. Product activation is handled online at

Your TomTom hardware also has a device code, which you may prompted for by TomTom at some point. You can get this by tapping on the main navigation screen, down on the bottom right (by the GPS status bars). Then tap on 'Version'.


TomTom Manuals

TomTom manuals are available for download as a PDF file from TomTom's site. They can be found at


Contacting TomTom

Here is some information on how to get in touch with TomTom.

To send an email / online message, you need to log in to TomTom's site. See TomTom Support for information on how to send an online message.

Phoning TomTom: We have found the following telephone numbers:

  • UK Technical Support: 08451 610 009
  • International Technical Support (Netherlands): +31208501004

To report a problem with map data, use the Report a Map Problem form.

The head office address is: TomTom N.V., Rembrandtplein 35 , 1017 CT Amsterdam , The Netherlands


Got a question, or need help? Ask in our TomTom Sat Nav forum

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