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On The Net - for PalmUser Magazine

Total PDA

In each issue of Palmtop User magazine, one of the FileSaveAs team used to take a look at what was new on the Internet, what was being said in the newsgroups, and point out some top sites that readers may have missed.

Here are some of the sites we visited for PalmUser Magazine (before it's relaunch in July 2002).

Issue 10 Palm software - "where users meet developers"
Palm OpenSource Free software and source code
MyMobileStuff List of sites optimised for use on the small screen
Clieworld Great sites for users of the Sony Clie
Issue 9
Hijacked Site for overenthusiasts, very entertaining!
Used Palm Pilots
Great sites for second-hand Palm bargains
PalmGear The definitive Palm software site
Eurocool List of Palm OS application developers
PDA simulator Run your own PDA company
Issue 8
Freewarepalm List of free Palm software
Palmpointer Palm-only search engine
Palm Gaming World List of great Palm games
Issue 7
Palmstation Greta resource for all things Palm
Lycos Decider Which Palm machine is right for you?
Plinkit Palm-friendly sites if you're surfing from a handheld
Palm Tipsheet Monthly newsletter
Palmstories and SinPalm Adult material for your Palm
Issue 6
Brighthand Huge site with discussions, reviews, events and ads How to be a mobile author
Analysis art Amazing palm-generated artwork
ProPay Beam e-cash to other Palm users
Screen repair How to remove scratches from your machine

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