Podcast Review of 2011 Released

With the start of a new year, it’s time to take a look back at the last year of tech news, as well as reflect on what might be in store for coming twelve months of UK technology. Rather than reading our wander back through a year’s worth of tech news, have a listen to our audio review…

FrequencyCast LogoIn 2011, we saw various bits of tech excitement, including:

  • Launch of the Nintendo 3DS, glasses-free 3D gaming
  • BT Home Hub 3
  • Google +1 and Google + (social networking, not a new TV channel!)
  • Playstation and Blackberry network issues
  • First experiments with IPv6, the new network standard
  • The demise of the US space shuttle program
  • The iPhone 5 wasn’t launched, but we got the Siri-toting iPhone 4S instead

Just a few of our highlights from 2011, and our podcast boys have just launched their audio review of the  last year.

Our podcast?

Not tried our podcast before? Where have you been all our life?? We’re now in our sixth year, and the won the best UK non-profit podcast in the last round of European Podcast Awards – so we must be doing something right. The show’s host, Carl, is a gadget-phobe, but he’s paired with Pete, who’s a technophile (or a “geek” as many call him)

Our podcasts are free, and you can listen to them online, or if you have an iPod, iPhone or iPad, listen to us via iTunes. There are several ways you can listen, and in each show, we cover a different tech topic.

If you’ve not had a listen, please give us a try and see what you think – You can take a listen to our review of 2011, which gives you a great idea of what we’ve been up to over the last year, and also hear us out-and-about at Birmingham’s Gadget Show Live.

For more details about FrequencyCast, our humble Technology Podcast, see our UK Technology Podcast page

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