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BTOpenworld / BT Yahoo Help and Advice

This page was created to help give customers of BT Openworld and BT Yahoo information on how to configure their computers, laptops and mobile devices to be able to access BT email on the move


What was BT Openworld?

This was one of the names that BT's home broadband service was known as. These days, it's more simply known as BT Broadband.

BT Openworld and BT Yahoo are now branded as BT Total Broadband.

Please visit the following page for more information: BT Broadband

Old BTopenworld settings

In the following table, you'll find the BT Openworld settings. As stated above, the service is now BT Broadband, meaning that these settings no longer apply.

This information, and this page, remain for historical reasons.

Username / login name <username supplied by BTopenworld>
Incoming (POP3) email server
Outgoing (SMTP) email server (Note: Now requires Secure Authentication)
Website (FTP) server
Dial-up numbers: BTopenworld Anytime 0808 993 3001
BTopenworld Surf Packages (Daytime) 0845 756 0000
BTopenworld Surf Packages (Evening) 0844 040 4005

BTopenworld Pay-As-You-Go 0845 756 0000
International PSTN 00 44 121 478 9200
News (NNTP) server

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Please note that this site is not run by, or on behalf of, BT.

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