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Nokia 6681 & Nokia 6682 Smartphone

Nokia 6681

The Nokia 6681 and 6682 are powered by Symbian OS v8.0 (Series 60 v2.6), and are combined mobile phone and PDAs. The 6681 is intended primarily for the European markets, and the 6682 for North America. It includes a megapixel camera (6 x digital zoom, plus flash).

Availability: Available from June 2005 - No longer available.

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Operating system The Nokia 6681/2 uses the Symbian Operating System. To check the version number, type *#0000#

The handset can be upgraded to the latest version of the operating system at approved Nokia Service Centres. Online upgrades are not available.
Accessories? There's a wide range of accessories, including spare batteries, cases, chargers, in-car kits, hands-free units, data cables and fascias, available at Carphone Warehouse and MobileShop.
Email from your 6681/2 If you're looking to use your 6681/2 for sending and receiving e-mail, consider taking out an account with free provider, BT Yahoo. For details of connectivity, see our Series 60 Getting Connected section.
How do I use WAP / What is 'Services'? As well as a web browser, the 6681/2 has a WAP browser, which can be accessed via the Services menu. For details of Wap on a 6681/2, and using WAP, see our Series 60 WAP page
How do I install software?

A SIS fileSoftware for Symbian OS phones is normally supplied using a Symbian installation file (with a .sis extension). This is a single file that contains the components needed to get a piece of software installed and ready to run. A SIS file can be run on a Symbian phone (e.g. from the Inbox or via a file manager. It can also be run via the PC connectivity solution that was supplied on the CD with the handset.

For help on this subject, see our Series 60 FAQ

How do I connect my 6681/2 to my PC?

Belkin Bluetooth adapterInformation on how to connect a Symbian phone to a PC is one of our most common questions. There can be a number of options (such as Bluetooth, USB or infrared), depending on what your handset supports, and what's available for your PC.
As it's one of our top topics, we've set up a dedicated page - See our Series 60 PC FAQ

Alternative connectivity software

Rather than the software that came as standard with the phone, there's a rather useful third-party application called Oxygen II - This application supports Contacts, Calendar, Messaging and file management.
For details of how this works, take a look at our Oxygen page

Hotmail and AOL access?

Hotmail and AOL use proprietary email systems, as opposed to the more common POP email systems - this makes it tricky to access mail on a Series 60 device. For email on the move, consider using a standard POP3 provider such as BT Yahoo (see setup details) that offers free email accounts that can be configured on a Series 60 phone.

If you really want to use Hotmail or AOL, see our Series 60 FAQ on this subject.

Receive faxes on your mobile Looking to get faxes on your Series 60 phone? See our answer in the Series 60 FAQ
What's my 6681/2's serial number?
Enter '*#06#' for your handset's serial number (known as the IMEI) - useful if your phone is stolen

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